Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Sorry sorry sorry sorry...
Once again, the missing blogger phenom. is a peculiar one since you can't communicate. It's like I got lost somewhere in cyberspace and one of these days when I url the blogspot I'll find a sad sign saying "Out of Business- Thank you for your patronage." Poof.

Yesterday I received some really thrilling/exciting/motivating news and it has allowed me to get back to blogging with abandon. Job hunting occupied such a large part of my free time, even if that just meant stewing in the stress in front of a television or cooking food that I didn't really intend to eat just so I wouldn't be on mediabistro for an excessive amount of time.

Depressed by the overuse of the word "layoff" even if this was an appropriate term for the situation. Sigh sigh sigh.

Night sweats, panic attacks on the subway, twisted stomach every time I watched the news, exceeding my "5 drinks a week" testimony given to my general care practitioner, and an eerie familiarity with The Today Show, advice for managing my finances and diet plans echoing in my head. I know these are not properly constructed sentences. I was in the grammar club.

And lastly, dare I admit: The Hills on hulu. I still hate that show.

But what I couldn't do was blog- since that required me to consciously step outside of my job hunt. Granted, I did a lot of pilates and yoga, read a ton of books and caught up on countless film classics from the library. Oh yeah, and I also interned at Lucky which was absolutely lovely. So it wasn't all dark and stormy. Just partly.

But we're back and I'm gearing up for a trend forecast for 2009, sharing recipes that I have experimented with over the past months and providing some fun highlights from my latest read, Anthony Bourdain's "The Nasty Bits." Such a suitable title which requires not a word more of my moaning.