Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chris March

The Tent, Bryant Park
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I am behind on my project runway but I have to express my absolute dismay at the fact that Chris March was eliminated and Rami was granted a showing "officially" at Bryant Park. Clearly this is another example of fashion becoming increasingly commercial. I believe this relates back to the post I wrote about the new Gap collection. As commercial mass-market retailers become more trend driven and fashion forward, high fashion is starting to meet commercialism half way. It makes obvious sense since we all gotta get PAID (speaking of- me included) that designers want to appeal to the commercial market. Alas, it seems at the cost of innovation. This is when I become very worried. Project Runway is arguably a terrible example because really innovative designers aren't probably knocking down the casting doors for a spot on the show, however they finally were blessed with someone really innovative and they gave him the boot- twice! I have a lot to say about Chris's three looks, but in order to avoid boring you (after all this is a blog) I'll stick to the point. He showed something different and fresh that won't have "It Girl" appeal. And for that, he's auffed. So Sad.

Jovovich Hawk for Target

Another Target Capsule Collection. I can't even keep up anymore with all these designers doing collections for the mass market. The styling is good and has lots of commercial appeal. I have to admit that with these near freezing days (near is such an understatement but yesterday somewhat assuaged the frigid feelings) this collection is making me long for balmy days when you just want to live in a dress.
Upon further inspection many of the items look poorly constructed and bound to lose shape after one washing which is why I would stick with the dresses- which seem like they could survive slightly more wear and tear and when paired with a great pair of shoes, a cute bag and a naturally dishelved tan could quite possibly be the perfect summer go-to outfit. Luckily with such an enormous amount of capsule collections emerging right now, most people won't find the pieces immediatly recognizable.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The top 5 worst dressed at the oscars. (Disclaimer, I am sure there were many people MUCH worse than the people below but lucky for them, they don't get endlessly scrutinized)

Ellen Page

Ellen Page
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Poor Ellen Page. She didn't deserve to be dressed like this. Someone could have put the breaks on what was obviously a totally uninspiring frock that Ellen Page clearly wasn't enjoying wearing. Your clothes should pick you up- not drag you down. I like her though and expect good things from her in the future.

Miley Cyrus at the Oscars Feb. 24th 2008

Another one I am sure to get slack from but she's 15. The dress would be fine and is cute, but take down her hair and let her look like a child. Dare I say, I am frightened of this girl. She is the most eloquent 15 year old I have ever seen. Highly suspicious...


Tan lines? Didn't someone notice that and say- please don't. Fill it in. Hair is strange and dress is interesting but not a good choice on her. Awkward. That's the most accurate word I can think of.

Oscars Arrivals

Oscars Arrivals
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Worst Dressed #2.
So awkward, unflattering and makes me uncomfortable. I saw her in November. 3 words: Too Much Botox. Scary.

Katherine Heigl, in Escada.

Katherine Heigl, in Escada.
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Worst Dressed #1.
Everyone loved this look and all I can say is WTF? It's so staid, recycled, uninteresting and dated. This is a prime example of what I meant by looking like a mannequin version of yourself. Is there a real person in there?

Monday, February 25, 2008



I actually really enjoyed watching the oscars last night. thanks to the influx of europeans, there were actually some interesting looks on the red carpet (ouch!'s a personal taste thing)
So I have compiled my best and worst of the night.
The only major upset for me was the absolute lack of love for "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" which was hands down the best movie of the year. Thank god javier bardem is so hot, I can somehow overlook the fact that "No Country" took best picture. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the film- and how can you not find an amazing amount of artistic merit to a film based solely on performance and art direction? That and the Coen brother's obvious gift for mounting an incredible amount of suspense through their direction. But all the things that actually matter in hollywood fell by the wayside- story, special effects, hysterical women, and resolution. So somehow this is could be seen as a real achievement for the academy to acknowledge such a film- it would be had it been THAT good. I imagine I am supposing that the oscar's really mean a film is THAT good. Regardless, it's a good film- but not spectacular and "The Diving Bell" was and there's my two cents.
p.s. if javier didn't have that haircut and that outfit I swear it may not have won. The power of fashion.

So let's start with the clothes...
Best dressed:
1. Obvious- Marion Cotillard.
2. Tilda Swinton- LOVE no makeup. But love her even more.
3. Cate Blanchett. Grrr...she's super-human.
4. Jennifer Garner. Maybe it's because she happens to be one of the most gorgeous women in hollywood but imagining seeing her in person last night...I am sure she was incredible.
5. Calista Flockhart. Phew- doesn't it look like you could just blow her out like a candle? Pretty.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008


The mysteries of what actually classifies something as "eco-friendly" are plentiful in this upside down fashion world. There's always the conundrum of if something looks rustic and is made of natural materials- does that make it eco or does that make it stupifyingly un-eco because of it's blantant dependency on the environment for vain design elements? More over, how much is this a press ploy, while everyone is highlighting eco wares, doesn't just throwing something in the mix and calling it "eco" guarantee exposure?
Well, I think I would answer yes to all these questions but ultimately- why bother asking? The fact that this is a trend can only mean good things for M. Earth. Regardless of what extent a product is eco- I am happy that we consider the environment at all in our fashions. Afterall, how much do we rely on nature for inspiration artistically?
And one line that I think has their priorities straight is Ananas.
Thus, my pick for today- Ananas handbags has created a line of eco-bags. I love the bags and secondly, love the mission. For each bag purchased from the eco collection a tree is planted by Trees For the Future. More trees means more beautiful wooden accessories, right? Gotta give to get back.
I like the pragmatism of Ananas' mission particularly. Since wood is a signature design element on their bags, they are finding a way to replenish precious supply. I like it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Eileen Shields for Maria Cornejo.
This year it's all about the brogue and the spats. I have to hand it to Eileen for being ahead of the curve. I am inclined to believe that spats are just about the most genius footwear invention ever created. Especially in light of the fact that ankle boots are still going no where and knee high boots are the quintessential winter chic. It's on the Fall wishlist.
Awaiting spat pics. In the meantime please drool over these brogues. I am.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell
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OK I swear- just a few more pictures and I drop it. But I must. It's always for me the most remarkable thing about London Fashion Week. No one does men's wear better than the British and no one does menswear inspired women's wear better. Obvious, right?
I promise to drop the menswear obsession. But I had to share. Amazing, right? I'll take the whole outfit. Rarely do you want to just snatch a whole look of the runway. I will.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Maxi Dress

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Today quite possibly could take all- minus the reality of it. Began with a breakfast at Cafe Sabarsky on the Upper East Side and then a look at the Neue Gallery's Klimt exhibit. Followed by a lunch at Bouchon Bakery, wine and chocolate at the apartment and dinner at Apizz. Can you tell I was with family? Just passing time between meals really.
But most importantly- that exhibit at the Neue had these photographs of Emilie Floge, Gustav Klimt's partner and muse, and I was so inspired by her dress designs and the way they mutually inspired one another. I wish I could be transported to the countryside and pull out maxi dresses and listen to beautiful music. That's everything this evokes. Can you find anything remotely similar to this anywhere? I want I want I want. And the countryside villa included. Please.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sant Jordi Books

One of the most romantic holidays I know of takes place in April in Barcelona. Sant Jordi's Day or Dia de Los Libros (day of the books) is one of the most fantastic traditions and one that I find myself longing for during what feels like V-Day BS. The tradition on this day, is for each man to gift a rose to a woman and a woman to gift a book to a man. But generally the gender part of the tradition has inevitably evolved and the city becomes a veritable garden library (oh- does that exist anywhere?!?!). There are flower venders and book sellers all over the city and several of these stands specialize in rare books.
How much sweeter would this day be if you could just concentrate on finding the perfect book?
Of course, the choice is mine to make, but I walked out of the store today with something significantly less intellectual. many options and so little energy. Next year, I am going to remember how I forgot this.

A Rose and a First Edition Great Gatsby = True Love


Look of da' day.
Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers- I think it's the some of the cutest lingerie around. Happy V-Day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Photo: Coutorture

Photo: Coutorture
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Look of the day. Inspired by movies where the main character gets tied to a chair and wrapped in a burlap sack. Only in this film, the sack is worth,what $5,000?
At least her shoes and her hat are hot.
No words really.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Today I was looking through and was blown away by how many pictures are devoted to re-creating the looks of stars in their street wear. Although I understand the wonders this does for the fashion industry (particularly lower priced chains that specialize in knocking off designer goods) there is something terribly inauthentic about taking your fashion cues from stars that are being dressed by stylists. I think my favorite pictures always tend to be the ones where the celebrity has either just woken up- or is coming out of the gym. Not for the reference to "what are they wearing?" but more to see "how do they look?" It's these moments that feel much more filled with inspiration for an outfit rather than the ones where you are actually looking at, and then re-creating an outfit.
As a disclaimer, I think I may try to acclimate this idea and use it for my own purposes. Stay tuned to see just how I do it...

this is precisely why i picked this picture of edie sedgwick as my picture of the day. what she is wearing is purely practical but looks incredibly chic and inspires me even more than any pictures of her in mini dresses and gargantuan earrings that always look to me as though they were stuck on the photos like decals.


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Picture of the day

Sunday, February 10, 2008

jean seberg

jean seberg
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Picture of the Day

My Top 10 Predictions

It's so embarassing that I have chosen to post this now- after the shows. I assure you this list was made on 1.3.08 and I have not edited it. Look at Wang's drainpipes above. This was probably my favorite look.

1. Tights will continue to replace leggings as the warm, opaque alternative. However, in order to replace our beloved leggings we will start to see super drainpipe pant styles in fabrics other than denim.
2. It bags are encountering a slow, miserable, kicking and screaming death. The cool girls aren’t carrying logoed bags anymore and neither should you . Don’t buy bags at Barneys Coop. These bags will be tired in 6 months and aren’t worth it even if $500 for a bag sounds like a steal.
3. Even though It bags are dying- prices are still climbing for designer bags. But now they are simple and less decipherable. Luggage and luxury goods manufacturers will appear with more simple and classic bag silhouettes. This means expensive but also super classy.
4. Ethnic prints will be incorporated into everyone’s wardrobe. Or at least should be.
5. Fashion will get greener and greener this year. It may buttom out and by 2009 everything will be made of leather and fur. Or at least, faux fur and animal prints will satisfy our needs.
6. Look to airline stewardesses for inspiration. Those blouses- are the perfect compliment to all the high waists we have seen and will continue to see.
7. Red Carpet style will have rufflled feathers. This is a bit of personal taste being exploited but for god’s sake- NOBODY looks good as the mannequin version of themselves.
8. Cool boys already dress like dandys. It’s about time the girls start to too.
9. Your best outfit is the one you wouldn’t dare wear in public. This year you should and you’ll start your own trend. I am sure of it.
10. Trapeze is over. Toss it (I mourn this one I really do)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Horsehair Necklace


Fourteen hour work days really have a way of disrupting your ability to post daily. And I am furious, as this blog was started with the theme of “for your daily consumption” in mind. I never intended to put you on a three day fast. It’s time to really bulk up.

Let’s start with Wednesday’s Zero + Maria Cornejo show. Held in Maria’s soon to be new retail space on Bleeker- a gorgeous cavernous two room area that resembles an old garage. A “stripped down” raw space couldn’t be more appropriate for a collection entitled “Zero.” Lots of Foley and Corinna bags in the crowd (alas, ME among them) and a sea of black.
Which made the collection pop when a series of fluorescents emerged- which even adorned the feet of the models!! Most memorably was a fuchsia dress paired with a “demi-wedge” of the exact same hue. Absolutely electrifying and gorgeous.
Maria’s penchant for color was evident, and with all the black being shown for fall her colors are the perfect accents to make that black shine. Design wise, for me it was all in the accessories. These were the truly covetable elements. Horse hair necklaces that were dyed in teals, yellows and greens were breathtaking- as were the shoes that Maria collaborated on with footwear designer, Eileen Shields. In particular, I was loving the emergence of brogues (a style that Eileen will be tossing in the mix for her fall namesake line). With Maria’s heavier draping, brogues really fit the bill as a re-invention of the menswear trend to juxtapose a womanly knee length dress.
Another prediction from my top ten was the continuation of the men’s wear trend (I don’t care what you say fashioindie) and brogues are the perfect alternative to the tired high heeled oxford. That’s not to say I will stop wearing mine but one can never have enough menswear inspired items in their wardrobe. Let it go on the record.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Patrick Robinson for Gap 08

I like it. I really really like it.


Could it be? Will the Gap be a shopping destination in the future (as opposed to 'that store that is right next to the bus stop so maybe I'll kill some time')?
It's so effing amazing how fashionable chain retailers are becoming. I think it's wonderful...I think. But actually I can't affirm that with any real certainty. And my gut instinct is disconcerting. If fashion is an out ward statement of individuality (is it?) how can one stay individual if everything is starting to look the same? This is not to say that if you can afford the trends or if you can wear designer duds everyday, you can retain a sense of individuality. Obviously, it really is the opposite. But if everyone starts dressing like fashion editors, how will the editors dress? I ask this question completely devoid of elitism and more because what makes fashion so exciting is the reflection it is of our current social/political/economic culture. Meaning "the bad" is an entirely subjective term- that can easily be acclimated by "the good" and made into something wearable- and vice versa.
It's silly to get in a tizzy about all this-because I don't have any idea as to what exactly irks me about this whole commercialization of fashion. Considering I used to be a huge fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs (whose show yesterday was one of the most recently unimpressive I've seen) I have absolutely no right to say a thing. Maybe I too am as commercial as it gets. But I guess I look towards fashion for some kind of mystique. The Gap just doesn't cut it. But yes, I would definitely wear these clothes. Comments?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Betsey Johnson 12

Betsey Johnson 12
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Old Betsey from '07. As soon as I get a Fall '08 pic. I'll load it on. But you get the idea.
My dream self at age 14.
TIme to revive her.


Betsy Johnson has never been one of my favorite designers. I say this with slight remorse at the fact that she probably would have been when I was a tyke, desperate to find pieces that were interesting above all- and the idea of classic or timeless was simply...dull. Yet this was a time that I would never have considered buying "designer" anything. I was convinced crazy originality was reserved for thrift shops only (forgive me, I was 13).
So for her Fall show I was quickly brought back to an entirely other version of myself, one in which I fantasized about frequenting East Village dive bars, smoking a cigarette outside with a blasé look on my face. Everyone around me having just caught the most recent Blondie show at CBGB's and you could tell from looking at us.
When I find myself at those bars now I always find myself amused at the NYU undergrads surrounding me. And me amongst them, having quit smoking two years ago, trying to keep my coat protected from any fly drinks or sticky floors.
But I have to admit, were I able to rock one of her looks now- in the NY I know, not the one I daydreamed about at age 14- I would have a smashing time. These looks do not go to bed early. I think I need some of this in my life right now- it may just revive my love of the city.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin
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Look of the day. So inspiring...

Alexander Wang F'08

AW look 9
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Finally I got a picture from the fall collection! See? Last season's Wang girl is raising hell this Fall.

Wet Road

Wet Road
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Wet days can be fun when you're wearing Y-3 Fall '08


Snowing in NY this morning. Quite beautiful and reminded me of exactly how difficult it is to dress in this city. It's more than just finding the right coat and shoes that can take you from slick terrain to the office in style. It's a whole lifestyle. It's being able to intuitively sense how severe the weather will be, approximately how much the temperature will drop, and to what degree you need to experience a complete wardrobe melt-down (an inevitability, no?). How much will you need to walk today? A question most people can hypothesize with fairly accurate results. But in NY you NEVER know. I had no idea that today it would be pouring with snow so the bus, that I shamelessly rely on to get to the subway would decide to stop running (I can safely say this rarely happens).
So in my 3-inch platform heeled oxfords in soft patent leather, I trekked onward. Half a mile to the train. And yesterday's Spring like temperatures had dropped so severely, my one wool coat layer was utterly lacking- but it's about 5 minutes outside your door that you fully realize these things. Five minutes out the door, with the concept of "New York math" (my terminology for time budgeting, i.e. "if I make it to the subway in time and JUST catch the train I arrive at my destination on time, but if I miss it, it can put me 20 minutes behind schedule"- in other words, 5 minutes is currency. Spend wisely. A sweater never seems worth it at 8:30AM)
So it came as a truly wonderful breath of fresh air to see the chic and cozy offerings from Y-3's fall collection. Being bundled up never looked so damn cool. End of story. It was the definitive collection of how to stay stylish while braving all the unforeseen elements that NY weather and global warming are throwing at us.
A few looks didn't work for me, and I found them to be the least practical of the lot (isn't it ALWAYS the other way around?).
Thank you Y-3. I think I am actually looking forward to next winter.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang
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Last Season's Wang Girl


Black is Back! (big happy smile on my face)
After yesterday's shows it is clear, black is the color for Fall '08 and I couldn't be happier. It's time to give those bright, cheery dresses and shifts the boot and make way for the grim and grimy ashen hues that happen to adorn the majority of my wardrobe. To be clear, I love color- but love it so much more when it pops against something dark. The wonderful thing about this black is the grittiness of the styling as shown at Alexander Wang and United Bamboo yesterday. It's not uptight. Anyone that knows me, can fully back up the fact that I'm a sucker for messy hair and a healthy dose of dishevelment. Alexander Wang hit the note just right and I am in LOVE. The collection was a mixture of pieces that you only fantasize about being able to sport after raiding your boyfriend's closet. With some coveted items that your really chic aunt who toured with the Stones wore way back when. If only I had an aunt like that...

Can I fully disclose something taboo? I connect a lot of guilt to my appreciation for these pieces because they are so effing 'cool' they make you wonder what 26 year old, New York, Wanna be Fashionista wouldn't love? Do you need a brain to love the pieces or just a good immersion in downtown NY to know how much you would fit in, in these clothes? A big blaring question mark in bold that appears before me often- especially when I find myself salivating over something at Barneys Coop. Just a question...

And I've digressed. Self-satisfaction reigns supreme as I reflect back on my 10 predictions for 2008 that I compiled this past New Year's Day. (I know you're thinking- oh NOW you're going to disclose what they are)
But included was the appearance of "legging pants." I know we've all exhausted our leggings and I wince every time I see those American Apparel beauties crowning a slick little pair of ballet flats.
However, the silhouette is great- makes 20- somethings feel fresh, put together and quasi-dressed up while still being a bright young thing. And as for skinny jeans...well we all know how we feel about those. There's no way you're going to pull me out of them but for crying out loud, enough is enough.
So logically the birth of the "legging-pant" would come full swing and it has. Beautifully. LOVE.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sue Stemp SS07

Sue Stemp SS07
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A Look from Sue Stemp's Spring '07 collection. One of my faves- but really, wouldn't you rather hang out with this girl than raid her closet?


Ah NY Fashion Week! No less than thrilling- am I the only one who feels this way? Clearly the bliss will ware off. I'd approximate in about 2 days. When it starts to become clear that God will not make an appearance and you're hung over and tired, barely able to remember a dress that was right in front of you a mere two hours before. All romanticizing aside, this is the PERFECT week to launch the dailydiet- which has been in the mental works for quite some time now.
Narrowing down a focus for the "premiere post" has been such a dreadful experience and has included lots of extra bowls of cereal, comatose channel surfing and unnecessary trips to and itunes.

It's overcast in NY today and not chilly enough to feel OK about sipping cappuccinos all morning under the covers. Therefore, I am taking the plunge.

WTF with Sue Stemp's collection yesterday?
This is something I feel the need to discuss. First, before this sounds like my very first entry is a smack down- I love Sue Stemp (in terms of her blog, her style, HER) However, what I am seeing happening lately, is that collections are being shown by young designers that portray more of an image than a collection. Though the models are perfectly styled and a pleasure to look at, I pay little attention to what they are actually wearing. Granted this is what makes Fashion so interesting- being able to create a life style with clothing. But if I am totally distracted by "the look" doesn't that make you a stylist, more than a designer?