Friday, October 31, 2008

The Ever Amazing La Garconne

It seems so trivial to talk about clothing right now. But oddly enough, it tends to occupy a lot of mental space for it's wonderful ability to help us escape the daily stresses that life gives.
I haven't purchased anything in a LONG time. Hence, I have been raiding G's side of the closet frequently. In a pathetic whimper the other day when he realized ANOTHER shirt had been borrowed and sullied I moaned "I'm sorry! I'm desperate!"
Ever the calm and rational ying to my empassioned, melodramatic yang, he rolled his eyes and I like to think was amused.

So when this do-sy of a lookbook arrived in my inbox today, needless to say, I had to share at the very least with you all.
Now if this doesn't inspire you to go against every bit of sound advice Susie Ormond gives on the Today Show I am inclined to believe NOTHING WILL. And if that's the case, count me very, very jealous.

What a cruel trick this "fashion" thing is.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Art Exhibit on Bowery and Houston

A few pictures I took from this amazing FREE installation in Bowery and Houston this Sunday.
That last picture are pieces made entirely of RUBIK'S CUBES! It reminds me of the iconic photo of Raquel Welch from One Million Years B.C- but without clothing of course.
I loved this show and encourage you to go consumers...
Even G with a notoriously lackluster attitude towards art exhibits was incredibly impressed.

DIY Projects

In July G and I performed some major home makeovers and when we were at a satisfactory point we called a treaty with ourselves and decided the makeover was complete. This was primarily because, as anyone who has done anything similar will atest, re-decorating, buying new furniture, organizing, installing etc. is EXHAUSTING. And once you really get going, you realize how much more there is to do! So we called it quits and took a break. But this month, we seem to be back in the swing of it...
Two weeks ago after picking up some drift wood on the beach by my parents place on the North Fork, I was reminded of a lamp G's aunt had constructed out of drift wood in her enviably cool and sophisticated apartment.
I was determined to create my own- albeit with slightly less talent- and the results are pictured above. We visited Lighting Plus on Broadway for the cord, switch and Edison bulb as well as the base, which they gave us for free. We weren't sure if the base would function properly and were amazed at how perfect it worked out. Painting it white and nailing the wood to the interior of it helped us forget that it used to be a wire dispenser once upon a time.
Then this weekend we FINALLY got my home office assembled (of which I am writing from right now). There was an awkward space in the apt. that we had previously used for storage and occasionally to hang coats that I was determined to make practical use of.
After searching and searching for a desk that could fit our small alcove (without wheels since the floor is sloped, gotta love the east village) we decided to hit up the lumber yard on Spring and Thompson for cut to order pieces. The result is, in my mind, perfect. I love the small space and although many people may loathe the idea of a small work cubicle, I am embracing mine wholeheartedly. My inspiration board above helps...

Lamp, Bulletin Board and Chair are all Ikea.
Not the best pictures, I admit, but hopefully I'll be able to upload some better ones soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Dear Dieters,
As you probably have noticed my entries are becoming fewer and far-er between. Many new factors in my life are contributing to this.
1. I am looking for a job. Looking for a job is a full time job. The cliche rings true.
2. I am launching a newsletter for Wunderbloc. My afternoons are often spent researching new designers and finding ways to write about them. So doing it after hours can be quite tiring!
3. I am interning at Such lovely ladies are training me to find my way as an editor. It's very exciting.
4. I am freelance writing and editing as any jobs come my way (speaking of which, please send my way if you are in need)

So, as you can probably see, I am living and breathing work right now particularly of the fashion variety and subsequently have little left to say at the end of the day.
BUT- I did realize, that my Monday night food entries flew out the window late spring and I miss writing about food!

I think it will keep me writing and hopefully keep you engaged dieters!

Yesterday was the perfect opportunity to divulge my gastronomic curiosities.
It started with super sweet, fresh jonagold apples from the market outside St. Mark's Church. My heart belonged to Honey Crisp, but after OD'ing slightly, my taste buds were craving a change.
Crispy, milder than Honey Crisp, and slightly less crunchy but they have a wonderful texture and smell that reminds me of the farms I grew up near.

Balthazar for breakfast- a soft boiled egg and tartine with apricot preserves. Simple and delicious. G's omelette, however, made me wish I had a bigger appetite- Gruyere and herbs (chives, oregano and basil we surmised). The Gruyere was absolutely definitive of french cheese, strongly flavored and melted to perfection, but still firm enough to cut through. Memories haunt.

We tried Otto for the first time last night and it did not disappoint! The stars were the apps- Octopus (by the far the best thing we ate), marinated mushrooms (served cold but still delicious), and escarole and sunchoke salad. Octopus was incredible, mixed with celery and perfectly marinated. Meaty enough for this vegetarian with occasional cravings...
I had a goat cheese and balsamic onion pizza and G had the carbonara. We agreed the carbonara was a bit too salty (like inadvertently so) but my pizza was simple and delicious. And I hate to do this, but I brought half home and had it for lunch today and time was on it's side.

After Otto, I know at some point I murmured to Guillaume (the Tokai slurred my thoughts some) that it is clear that Mario Batali knows food. Nobody really disputes that but I have often been let down by high profile chefs. Not so here.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Denim Woes

Balls dieters! Why do I always fall prey to denim trends? I want to be above it, not give in to Katie Holmes and Current/Elliot fever, stay true...
BUT- I want a pair of boyfriend jeans. That's what I want to be wearing.
It's a conundrum- leaving me angry I hadn't thought of just slipping G's jeans on long ago but alas, there's the issue: I didn't.

So yesterday at JCREW- clearly my chain du saison- I found their version to be as good as any out there. Pictured above, japanese denim, great cut, and $175.00.

Remember the days that $135.00 on jeans felt like a splurge. Geez I swear it wasn't long ago. Now anything under $200 feels like a score.

If you're like me and kind of loving the trend despite it's trendiness GO NOW GO!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Casi Me Caigo

In love. Yes. These are the ones. $350.00. Jcrew. Based off my past Jcrew purchases, not much gets by these beauties. They are incredibly well made. Putting my steve madden's to shame...