Monday, June 30, 2008

Earnest Sewn

The best shopping experience EVER. Hands down. What in god's name took me so long to get to this place? I walked by several times, but never popped in. But I was implored to give it a shot while traipsing through the Meatpacking district yesterday post brunch at the now defunct Florent. These guys take a lot of pride in what they do. Everything is so specially picked for the store, that although there is a certain randomness to the wares, it all makes sense as to why every item there is for sale. For example, yes there are tons of jeans and shorts (oh how I want a pair of their high waisted shorts) but there are also shaving brushes, hard to come by Carthesia fragrances, moleskin notebooks that have been distressed to a crazy degree (totally Earnest Sewn Style), books, mini vegan cupcakes and cappucinos (to name a few highlights). Filson luggage is a popular commodity as they have applied their signature distressing techniques to the waxwear and the result is a perfect patina on a bag.
I have no critiques- staff was amazingly sweet, friendly, funny, not pushy at all...
I should stop because you'll lack my sincerity for sure.
Yeah, their jeans aren't THAT cute.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

If you look like this is it ok to...

I kind of believe anything goes. She's today's inspiration. It's ok to top off 3 glasses of white whine with lambrusco, a cheese plate and dessert (bread pudding and peach pie). I mean, really, isn't la vie boheme the mantra of ms. seberg...
Wish it were mine. I think this summer it's my mission to at least bring a bit of it into my over worked life.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Balmain F/W08

This show slipped by my radar somehow but was brought to my attention on Fashion Toast.
I'm not totally in love, as once again, the muse is clearly a 6' tall, lanky, model. But I do find the styling of this show particularly timely in it's blending of so many different trends and styles. Glam meets punk meets boho goddess. Harem pants are a complete swoon item for me right now but I have been absolutely miffed on where to find ones in a decent fabric that will drape properly and not make my legs look even shorter than they are.
What do you think of this? Quite uber trendy but also loads of fun.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Expose Your Back

Obviously Mayle didn't invent the whole "T" back thing, but I can't get enough of it during these hot months. It's such a smart way to show some skin. Lately, everytime I find an article of clothing, I automatically start checking the back for an interesting design element. Not sure if this is because a great back design is becoming particularly popular- or just because I'm experiencing a fateful introduction to a lifelong love. Either way- I'm loving it.
Kind of bummed I couldn't get a picture of the back of the opening ceremony dress pictured. It's pretty spectacular and happens to be on sale right now at the store. Just not at a price that I could really apply my definition of sale to.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Guerilla Style

Yes. To the point of it all. The Best Bags. I am particularly psyched about this pop up store (yes the designer of my beloved Samantha is opening a store peeps!) opening tomorrow (June 24th) until July 15th. I should be hanging around a bit- I'm kind of infatuated with this part of the city.
I also have heard that there will be jewelry, scarves, and apparel- pretty much limited edition so it's all very special. And you will find bags from their Fall '08 collection in the mix. No small thang consumers considering those bags won't ship elsewhere until August.
If you go. Deets Below:

Ananas @ fifty-two
52 Canal Street between Ludlow and Orchard
June 24th - July 15th
Mon-Wed 12-8
Thurs-Sat 12-9
Sun 12-7

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mayle on the Cheap

I saw a lovely Mayle employee sporting this amazing jumpsuit (first item pictured) last time I was there, and have subsequently been searching around for one that wouldn't cost me a pretty $600.00. Quite shockingly, it sold out on Not that I don't understand it's appeal- but clearly this is one item that I imagine has a certain "niche market."
A devoted Mayle lover, I am definitely happy about the success of this item. But on a bit more of a budget, I found the piece pictured below at (where else?) It's not as perfect- I'm hesitant about how the sides may fit since the whole piece looks quite tailored throughout the top, which I am wary of in a jumpsuit. I would prefer a loser bust area, that gathers into a slim waist and loosely drapes over the hips and legs. So I'm not quite sure if this would be a wise purchase, or put me out $20.00 (shipping charges)...
But it's a nice thought. My imagination runs wild with fun pieces like these.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My little Campaign

OK guys- I feel pretty strange about posting this but I need your help. Or support...
A website I contribute to:
is holding this competition. It's a blogging competition- which as silly as that may seem, is something that I want to spread the word about because they are great peeps running the site and I think it's a good show of support if I have my peeps visiting the site.
To make this not about "vote for me" (although I do want you to), you can just go on and check out the blogs and vote for whoever your favorite blogger is. It would be great if you could spread the word to support this start up site. It's a good one.
If you are looking for me, you go on and click Blogs. Then go to Bellisima (I'm a beauty blogger) and on the right there is a sidebar asking you to vote for your fave blogger.
So if you have a second, it'll make me very happy if you check it out.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh What to Do...

Alexander Wang
When: June 25- 28
Wed: 3-7, Thurs-Sat: 10-7
Where: 386 Broadway. 3rd floor.
between Walker and White

Such a bummer this whole weekday work schedule for us normal folk. I mean- I suppose it's the point but doesn't it just require some mid-day sneaking off? Because you know Wednesday is going to be when the real gems fly out...
I also have big news about a whole other shopping indulgence but I'll let you in on that after you finish planning your escape from work next Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gladiators and Topshop on the Brain

At the risk of total redundancy-
here's another pair of gladiators to oogle at. If you'll recall the absolute hell I put myself through the last time I was enticed by footwear on, you'll probably understand the pain I am experiencing all over again (I refuse to buy shoes over the internet unless I've tried the shoe on in "real life").
But they're so MAJOR! So effing major! (insert british accent)
OK enough "shopping" on (cart's at $235.00 right now). I'm so tired, I actually couldn't tell what color the shirt I thought I had to have was...
It's all a blur.

Monday, June 16, 2008

How I anticipate Your Arrival Topshop- let me count the ways

When Topshop arrives in New York, we can expect:

1) Helmut Newton Photo Machine. People. I mean really. It's a camera with a long cord (almost antique like but producing quite high tech results). You dress up, you pose, and suddenly you are a supermodel. this works I am not sure. Do you wait in line? At the risk of being totally self-concious, I think these pics could be well worth it. Although a girlfriend is mandatory. Picture of the contraption above...will I be so glamourous?

2) Free delivery within the first three hours of purchase

3) Free one on one stylist appointments in store or at home (as long as there is a stylist with good judgement involved this one is way TGTBT- too good to be true)

4) Most important- Great, affordable fashion.

It's way TGTBT so my cynical self is looking for the loopholes. I guess that remains to be seen but as of now, I am thinking every other chain is getting majorly bitch slapped.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

An ode to my Papa

It's father's day consumers and although I realize this is unconventional for my fashion blog, since I can't be with my dad today I want to take a second to send him a little homage.
If you were to ask my dad about my style he would most likely tell you about the times in middle school/high school when my genre of choice was grunge. If he ever felt awkward about it (my "dreads", my ripped jeans, my men's shirts often stolen from his closet, and the ties that I hung around my neck in the 6th grade) he never let on.
He was never one of those fathers with an idea of who he wanted me to be and imposed it upon me- he was constantly supportive of all my fickle fancies and I always had the feeling that no matter what my indulgence du jour was, he was right there to tell me that I could do it.
He and I have a lot of the same idiosyncrasies so there has always been an unspoken understanding of how and why we make the decisions we do. When we put our minds to something, you can be sure we'll find a way to get it done and if anything unforeseen stands in our way, we may stew it over in our heads for a while and eventually find a way to bypass the obstacle. There have been some devastating blows in both our lives, but I have learned from him that those moments really do lead you to something most likely more "right" for you.
I put him through quite a few tests over time. Choosing a hippie liberal arts school that provided little financial aid instead of the exclusive BFA program at a more secure school that did provide substantial aid, was probably not the easiest thing for him to brush off and tell me: "it's completely your choice" and then continue to support my decision enthusiastically.
But this is exactly what he did. And he continued to support me in the first year when I worried incessantly and called late at night thinking maybe I had made a mistake.
I am more than lucky to have a father like him, who used to sing and dance for us when I was young (some mama gipetto song), prepare me pasta with butter (my favorite meal circa 1985), and always provide the level headed reasoning that has guided me through the more emotional plot points of my life.
Happy Father's Day Dad!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today's Shopping

Today was lovely despite all the downpours and thunderstorms that drenched me and my white t-shirt on Broadway. One of my bestest friends ever is in town so we frolicked around SoHo mostly wishing we had more money (especially in Opening Ceremony). But never the less, the "wistfullness" was fun and we did make out quite well at a few decidedly less pricey establishments. C is bringing back some great basics from my favorite chain, Uniqlo, and I finally found the perfect NARS red lipstick (it's been a long time in the works y'all).
I wrote about it for bellisima on
So don't be mad if I can't offer another full report.
More importantly I bought yellow eyeshadow! A complete random impulse buy that I felt I had to have (Sephora is so good at making you feel that way until you actually find out the damage at the counter and you're left stupified by how expensive your impulsivity really is). I still love it though. It's about as high impact as a bright red mouth.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Shoe Designer

Eeek...our amazing intern Lindsay turned me onto this company today when this gladiator arrived for her in the mail. I tried it and fell in love and couldn't believe it could be all mine for the low price of $69.99 at Yes, Jeffrey Campbell shoes are the way to go if you are on the hunt for the ubiquitous gladiator.
His shoes are surprisingly well made considering the price point and the styles are somewhere between obscenely trendy and just right ;)
I think considering the price, you best weed through it and pick the gems because there are plenty of them.
It seems a very forgiveable indulgence.
Maybe mastercard disagrees- but...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don't Shop Under Duress

Having some problems that I won't get into here loyal consumers. Let's just say, online shopping, especially the sale section on is incredibly enticing when you're feeling low.
Nothing major, lovelies, so don't worry about me. Really the concern is more about the potential abuse of my credit card. And directly following a major investment to fly to Paris this summer (mon dieu are those tickets EXPENSIVE!) probably frequenting various shopping carts is not the follow up move here. Alas, I am a discplined little manic and I never actually buy. Sometimes just filling up the cart is all the retail therapy I need.
Tonight is no different. Although I have taken with me images of this amazing dress that could have been right at home in my increasingly clausterphobic apartment.
There is much more room on my hard drive than in my closet!
For all you NYer's out there- this weather is a killer, huh? I kind of like it in a sick way. Maybe it's because I always associated these hot nights to the end of school/start of summer, but I get this feeling that the days feel less structured, more spontaneous- like the mission is about getting through it and having fun instead of the million and one things being checked off my overachieving to-do list.
We're all in this thing together. My my. I feel better already.

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Me

I won't elaborate on what that means. No need.
But let's say I celebrated a bit this weekend.
I'm having a party on friday and wish I could be wearing one of these to it!

Label: Resurrection
Deal: 30% off Katy Rodriguez frocks
When/Where: Through the end of the month. Mon—Sat 11am—7pm; Sun noon—7pm. 217 Mott St between Prince and Spring Sts (212-625-1374).

Friday, June 6, 2008

New Bag Smell...

Ahhh...breathing deeply consumers and admiring the lush, buttery leather of my brand new bag. I have to come clean with you before I gush. For the past 3 years I have been toting a bag that has seen me through quite a few fashion successes and fashion failures. And although I loved the bag upon my initial purchase, (and still hold a nostalgic place for it in my heart being that it was one of my very first investment accessories) in the past year and a half, it had run it's course. It was begging me to be retired. More than that, every girl that passed me on the lower east side was inundating me with it- in all sorts of new colors and sizes and shapes...Everywhere I turned, there it was screaming at me "NOW'S THE TIME TO LET ME REST!!!" Yes my name is Olivia and I own the Anna Corinna City Tote (black).
But I'm a black bag addict, lovingly eyeing other shades in the store fronts, but when it comes to my daily wares, black is what I gravitate towards.
And now- I have a new constant companion. Her name is Samantha and she is by the line Ananas. A while back I had written a touch about this company, whom I adore...and never posted it.
I think it is time for me to resurrect my musings and give the company some love (at least attempt for it to be comparable to the love I have for Samantha)

You can deduce a lot from the name of Maryland native, Jennifer Baum Lagdameo’s best selling handbag line, Ananas. First, chosing the scientific binomial for Pineapple, to name a line of bags has a certain reverence for nature in the most intellectual sense. Second, the playful sound of a word with equal parts vowels and consonants implies a real appreciation for fun- refreshing in an industry known for taking itself quite seriously. This is not to say that Jennifer Lagdameo doesn’t have serious ambitions or the line is for the young. Quite the opposite in fact. Just like the roots of the word the line is named after, Jennifer offers a good dose of sophistication and intellect but all while having a bit of fun. In other words, this is the thinking girl’s handbag. y'all

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Had Fun

I really did consumers. And actually, once I realized that I wasn't going to be standing in the corner, nursing a drink, pretending to be fascinated by the art but really just self conscious that people will notice I had no one to talk to, I actually had a good time...
So that first scenario didn't happen last night. It was a very lovely party with lots of lovely people and I was just fine- thank goodness I have all of you to vent my irrational anxieties to.
The store space is incredible. It's wide open- totally Brooklyn space, or SoHo circa 1995 (but it's actually on Bleeker) and for the evening Maria had a capsule resort collection on display of highlights from her 10 years designing under her namesake + Zero (my favorite was this cropped jacket with dress). I liked seeing the clothes on dress forms and then seeing them frolic amongst the crowd. It's amazing to see the translation of an idea (or in this case, what looked like a sculpture) onto a person at a party. It's lovely to see them together.
And Maria's husband is a photographer whose work adorned the walls. Quite beautiful. I really got the impression that his wife is his muse.
So I breathed a sigh of relief and left the party before being there for an unfashionably long time, only to brush shoulders with David Byrne who actually looked slightly uncomfortable, and had I not felt I was pushing the limits of my welcome (typical ny neurosis, no??) I would have maybe chatted. Alas...what could have been.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What to Wear to a Fashionable Party

Sitting at my desk right now, consumers- anxiously waiting to leave the office to go to the opening party of the new Zero + Maria Cornejo store- and I am feeling so completely unfashionable. Do you all have that pre-party outfit anxiety? I think I am one of those people that really likes to dress according to my mood and this morning when I left the house for work I wasn't anxious and about to enter a room of super fashion types (I know I know I'm silly- calm down).
Either way, I am dismayed with what felt like a good choice this morning.
What to do in this situation?
1) Buy the first thing you see on your way to the train and change in a starbucks (TERRIBLE idea although one I have employed)
2) Be proud and confident, walk into the room and don't worry so much

I will choose the second option. Clearly the most practical.
It ain't easy dressing for long days at 8 AM- am I right? Do you feel my pain?
Full report later.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Odin on 11th Street

I have passed this store so many times it is utterly ridiculous that yesterday was the first time I enterred Odin- a super cool, kind of dungeon-y cave/boutique on 11th street. Also owned by Odin is the storefront adjacent in which they feature a new designer monthly for a pop up store. Although I often stop in at the start of each month over there, the strictly men's wear stock at Odin has kept me away. But having the bf with me yesterday while loitering around the L train, gave me a good excuse (I know it's ok to shop in men's stores but sometimes little boutiques intimidate me. I can't help it)
This store is effing great consumers. It stocks many designers I had never heard of, and if the adage of "the shoes make the man" holds true, the Odin boy is made well. Lines range from Rag and Bone, Trovata and Cheap Monday to much lesser known European imports. Once you make your way past the clothes and fake patches of grass and deer, you find a dimly lit glass case of what I would deem, the largest selection of Comme Des Garcons wallets in the city. At the very back you find an amazing library of unisex fragrances which I decided to affixiate myself with for about 20 minutes- thrilled to have found some great new options (I am on the hunt for a fragrance).
They also stock old school cameras and gifty types of housewares as well as awesome, manly jewelry which should be worn exclusively by women (just sayin').
I had so much fun, that I think I can perhaps call this place a new destination.
328 E. 11th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue.