Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AND more...

Fall Boot Wish List

I cannot stop looking at boots right now. Thinking I have to do some discount boot shopping in bulk.

Above are images of my favorites, swiped from Ninewest.com and stevemadden.com.

What do you think consumers? Any favorites from the list above?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Full Report

For everyone interested in Lyell- I am taking some time to divulge DETAILS.

Hot and sticky weather conditions yesterday didn't really help my overall feeling as I arrived BEFORE 12:00 and saw a line already amassed around what appeared to be a teeny tiny store front.

I waited it out. At noon when the doors opened, they let in about 15 people (possibly 20) and when the rain started to fall that urgency that I feel about sample sales increased about 10 fold.

Thankfully after about 20 minutes, I was permitted entrance. Emma Fletcher was manning the register and actually offering really helpful suggestions to the half clothed women battling over A SINGLE MIRROR. One rack of her vintage pieces, many in states of disrepair, did hold some very inspiring beauties and were I not playing the role of "What do I NEED?" may have been tempted to buy one...just to have. Without any real space to change- the register area worked fine for me- you had to kind of tactfully push through the crowd to get a glimpse at an already overworked mirror.

But, alas, such is the sample sale and maybe that's half the fun. Despite all these obstacles, I did bring home one beautiful dress. And try as I might to find a picture on her site, no such luck. Apparently it will be part of the Spring '09 collection too...
It's beautiful and the bf had an emphatic reaction to it so I feel like I left victorious- although seeing a dress I was debating on and left without on the Barneys site for $610.00 made me think I should have taken a bit more advantage of the situation.

All pieces shown in the pics above were there.

With all that confusion, I always try to play it safe and only allow myself one item. It's my best defense for sample sale impulse buying.

Honestly, well-worth the treck to the LES. Sizes were varied- actually more 6's and 8's than anything- but many were just samples so the sizing was irregular.

I would stay on the lookout for the next one.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekly Diet

One day sample sale this Saturday

102 Forsyth St (Near Grand), New York, NY 10012
Saturday September 27th
Noon - 6.
Cash only.


Friday, September 19, 2008


Oh how I wish I was there dieters. I'm having way too much fun perusing the shows at style.com. I'm finding them so much more exciting than what I saw at NY fashion week. It's not always this way, but this year I didn't have one of those really giddy reactions to a collection I saw. I'm just loving the big wedges in London, the bright colors, and the amazing head pieces. Somehow the clothes feel much more statement making but also wearable.
Richard Nicoll's collection has been my favorite so far. Amazing blazers and great baggy trousers. Cleary you can't wear these and not crave a little attention, but I think that's precisely what my all black wardrobe is craving these days...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Beautiful Sight

Yes- that's right. The aftermath of an amazing birthday. I can't imagine 3 bags that can so succinctly reflect my favorite things...
Mayle (no need to elaborate...)
L'Artisan Parfumeur (The best perfumes in the world and the one I received "Tea for Two" is hands down my favorite scent ever)
Assouline (Publisher of some of the most beautiful books in print)

Lovely day, lovely people and chocolate cake.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Tomorrow is my birthday and I have taken it upon myself to start celebrating just a touch early.
I took the plunge and purchased the Mayle Jeanne bag in black yesterday and it's all wrapped up waiting for me to open it...
Won't dare until tomorrow morning.
It's been on my wishlist for a LONG time and I knew with Jane Mayle's...umm...resignation, I could easily regret not purchasing it for years to come.
Just beautiful consumers.
In Nina Garcia's "Little Black Book of Style" (I actually can't believe that I am referencing this) she prescribes three bags for every woman- a tote, a clutch and a chain strap in-between shoulder bag. Note: this was not my motivation for buying this bag!
But being the extremist that I sometimes I am (yes, I'm a Virgo) I tend to have very little of those in-between sizes. And am always wishing I wasn't lugging what feels like luggage some days when all I need is a wallet, keys and book.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

At Zero

I'm kind of running myself a bit ragged these days...such I suppose is the life of a freelancer. I miss my dieter musings, so bear with me.
Zero + Maria Cornejo on Monday was a great show! If you don't read fashionindie, I am posting my review of it here.

The Maria Cornejo client is probably celebrating the designer's 10th
anniversary just as much as the designer herself- a loyal following that
showed their support for the designer at yesterday's show, many wrapped in
the brilliant cobalt blues of her Spring 2008 collection and in her
signature cinched neck dresses.
The show was a homage to her 10 years of exploring the draping, shaping and
wrapping that makes up her recognizable style. It's a particular taste, one
perhaps more suitable for a downtown gallerist if you really want to wear
the line head to toe.
Cornejo introduced a few menswear items into the mix, those parkas just as
suitable for the waify cropped haired ladies gliding down the runway-
further perpetuating her playful toeing of the androgyny line.
Most remarkable and wishlist worthy: a blue silk knee length dress, the
material a perfect choice to keep the wearer from being, um, worn and a
beige hooded trench with triangle "lapels."
Was also oogling the shoes as Maria teamed up for a third time with footwear
designer Eileen Shields. I'll be damned if I don't get me a pair of those
leather sock/sandals next spring. Another beautiful collaboration from the
duo that included a blocked heel, toeless ankle-boot and a snakey flat
sandal (that design echoed in the statement necklaces that adorned many of
the model's necks).
All that geometry might make some creative types glaze over a bit, but you
certainly can't undermine the excitement of seeing it so passionately on

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Convention

I'm not going to get political here (yet) but at some point yesterday it was remarked that fashion week is like a convention- everyone kind of running into each other over and over throughout the day, generally eating at the same downtown locales and likely having drinks late night amongst the same company.

It's not such a crazy time for me, as I'm not an editor scooting around from show to show. But it seems like a very apt. assessment of the week, I would imagine for many.

Yesterday was an exciting day for shows- lots of my favorites were on deck. Was so excited to discover a designer I had never come across, Koi Suwannagate. Perusing her collection on style.com, although a bit grating with her butterfly inspiration, had some beautiful and soft silhouettes that made me really want an ethereal wardrobe of white and silk. Definitely pieces that a humid day like yesterday could have been tempered by.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fashion Week Strikes Again

Hi consumers.
Tiny, itsy bitsy hangover today after last night's fete. So exciting and inspiring was the Resurrection party at Christie's that I wanted to jump into my closet and throw everything away, replace it with collectibles and Paco Rabanne dresses. Of course, I am completely dreaming...
But such was my fervor after viewing the beautiful pieces on display at last night.
And so inspired was I, that I didn't mind shamelessly accosting every waiter that walked by with a tray of cocktails. Highlights included Vivienne Westwood bags that appeared to be made of old printed punk t-shirts and vintage Sid Vicious jackets and T's worn by none other than the man himself.
I loved a little cropped fur coat striped with chain links. Truly amazing.
So many stylish people, and me in all black. I debuted my Kookai steal.

Agyness Deyn was at some point reprimanded by a crazy woman who claimed she had stepped on her foot. It was probably the funniest and most awkward exchange I have ever had the pleasure to slyly over-hear.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Saturday there will be a REAL designer Collab in Town

I'm a little late on the uptake I know. But I've been was out of the country, and then when I was back, well I might as well have been out of the country since I was so close to Canada without internet it felt even farther at times than Paris did.

But, amazing news, Vena Cava is teaming up with Via Spiga this Spring to create three capsule collections for the line. Seeing as the shoes that showed at their last show (although not their design I don't think) led me on a wild goose chase that ended in paraboot I can attest that their taste in footwear is impeccable and this collab will be worth your while.
Yes, dieters, I am sick of the collabs too- but on Saturday at the Vena Cava show, I will be super eager to get a load of those girls' feet and let you know what you can expect.
After this one, I promise not to make any more blantantly identifiable designer collab purchases.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I Think I Found My Soul Mate

But it seems it has not yet found me. Totally unavailable in my size and completely out of my price range. This one is being tracked though consumers. If it makes it to ebay- you'll have to fight me for it.
Ahhh- on labor day all I can think about is finding ways to exploit the fruits of my labor.
Maybe this year can be a financial resolution of sorts and I can really make good on my pact to invest VERY wisely. This will start with a big overhaul of my closet.
Putting it on the "Labor" list.
Happy Holiday!
(Les Prairies De Paris is the coat's origins: a line that was tipped off to me in the subject title in an email while I was there. Thanks C!)
as always image courtesy of lagarconne.com