Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Muse Du Jour

Clemence Poesy is providing me with oodles of inspiration today. Pretty much unfamiliar with her work, all I know of her is how amaginzly photogenic she is and how lovely a sense of style she has. Lately internet street style blogs are calling me to shop and it's dangerous consumers. As you can see, I have been experiencing a minor spring crisis with a serious case of the wants. I think I need to take a day- rummage through my closet- revive some clothing in a coma- play (maybe document on here? eeek I myself am not so photogenic as ms. clemence but open to the idea)- and figure out exactly what is missing from the closet. A real nitty gritty, get to the bottom of it and stop whining approach.
On a positive note, isn't she lovely?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Which One?

About to purchase these lovely booties by Eileen Shields for Maria Cornejo and I am totally torn. White or black? White is so cool and summery fresh- totally a one of a kind "wow- where did you get that?" but black is clearly the most versatile and functional choice. I've been feeling experimental with my footwear lately and really enjoying the fun of totally bizarre shoes but seeing as these are an investment I am thinking I'll play it safe and stick with black. What say you, consumers?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Vegetarian to DIE for

Seeing as the majority of vegetarian diets are devised as means of expanding one's life expectancy, I can say with total certainty that I would be totally fine if the opposite were true regarding the effects of tonight's feast. We went to Candle 79 and I had heard good things, but not really much of them. Kind of specifically in the "veg circles". So when my BF surprised me tonight with an 8:30 reservation, I jumped with joy, slight reservation (will he like it?), and packed up my camera booking it to the door.
Well consumers, dinner was a success for the carniverous man convinced vegetarians are "totally nuts" and the totally nuts psuedo veg-head. I do indulge in meat of all kinds given the right circumstances- clearly I am too much of a foodie to abstain from any food group when done right.
What we had: A roasted artichoke, and cornmeal encrusted onion appetizer and a avocado tomatoe tartare. Thumbs double up for the artichoke dish with a slight plateau on the avocado. Slightly devoid of interesting flavors- but clearly with the addition of avocado you can't really go wrong. Entrees were a chickpea cake (me) with a sweet toasted almond apricot gelee and a seitan piccatta (G). Both were totally satisfying but I have to say mine was particualrly stellar (g would disagree but trust me). But what stole the show was the dessert- a peanut butter and chocolate mousse with some kind of chocolate tuille below. AMAZING. Really no words. I know I am partial to desserts but even G fought me for the last bite and we both agreed that no matter where, what and how healthy we were trying to be, this dessert is a killer. Truly perfect.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stolen from Susie Bubble

Stylebubble is definitely the guilty party regarding my new found obsession with skirts. Coupled with the warm weather I am dying for some fun and interesting pieces to throw into the mix and these Reiss skirts are prime candidates- were it not for their collosal price tags. My only consolation is the fact that the chains seem to be upping their game lately and producing some very decent alternatives. Given, they won't be ageless pieces like these Reiss beauties (by ageless I mean covetable over time- not necessarily in the "classic" sense) but they could do the trick to help me face this new weather with my best fashion face forward. I get like a war strategist during these change of season times- calculating my next purchase by stalking it via internet and Manhattan proper.
My new victim, something fun and flightly- if only I could scoop up the cash for the real deal. Any look alikes send my way.

Ellen Vintage on Ludlow

On the lower east side there are so many vintage stores that seem to employ the seem general merchandising technique- a kind of "this is my walk-in closet, please come in" idea. Pieces are hung on mismatched hangers, sometimes rugs cover the hardwood floors, ferragamo flats or block heels aplenty and of course the overabundance of almost-perfect flat boots. It never hurts to throw a strategically placed lace chemise (generally in or nearby the dressing room) in a faded pale pink or cream to really make you feel like you are immersed in your dream closet. Ellen puts a similar aesthetic in place, but what separates this store from it's much larger and perhaps more eclectic competitors is it's point perfect editing and the tailoring that the owner, Ellen, applies to each piece she acquires. So you actually enter the dressing room and find yourself wearing something vintage that already fits (a true rarity). She has a knack for finding pieces that are worn just enough to give them that "snatched from my mother's closet" feeling but aren't necessarily in need of any further repair- most likely because she takes care of all issues with the merchandise before it hits the floor. There is an honesty in what she stocks that I find particularly appealing. Her finds go well beyond the "trend du jour." Truly for the woman who understands her own fashion sense, not one that likes to be told what to wear. For me, it does not get better.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Making up for a BUST mayle sale

Label: Billion Dollar Babes
Deal: Up to 80% off clothing and accessories from lines like 18th Amendment, Tibi, Park Vogel and Samantha Treacy
When/Where: Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th. Fri noon—9pm (VIP entrance); Sat 9am—5pm. The Altman Building, 135 W 18th St between Sixth and Seventh Aves (no phone).

Labels: The News
Deal: Markdowns on clothing from lines like Clu, Band of Outsiders, Cheap Monday, Rogues Gallery, Vena Cava, Shipley & Halmos and Wayne
When/Where: Wednesday, April 23rd through Saturday, April 26th. Daily 10am—6pm. 495 Broadway between Broome and Spring Sts, fifth floor (212-925-970).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This Consumer wants to stop wanting

How do I do it? In yoga today, between rapid kapalabhati breaths, I was replaying mayle's fall collection in my head. When I recalled a specific dress from resort (yes it was featured here once) it got me thinking about how much I would like to pair it with those paraboot white oxfords and then I started thinking about how much it will cost for me to fly to Europe this summer which got me thinking about what dress I should wear to the wedding that I am attending in Strasburg (which is the real purpose of the trip). Then I start thinking that I wish I were able to sit in the countryside, writing a book- away from the city's noise and myriad billboards telling me what my next purchase should be.
And then I realized everyone had stopped breathing so deeply and my rapid-fire breaths were so startlingly loud and stressed I had almost knocked the wind out of myself (yes this really happened today).
It is clear consumers, I think about consuming WAY too much. Is this a NY state of mind or is this called growing up or is this just me? I'm not striving to become a Buddhist because clearly wanting to achieve the absence of wanting is a serious crisis of priorities.
Thus, I'm attempting to revive my youthful, impulsive side this spring. A side that was blissfully floating a wooden plank on a makeshift puddle. I didn't arrive at this activity wanting it to be something else, but rather enjoying it for exactly what it was and what it did for my imagination. I believe often all those things I am wanting are actually right in front of me- I'm just distracted by all the things that are NOT there...
And so ends your corny life lesson of the day. Sorry. I had to repent for my total mental absence in yoga.

OK I am having a panic attack

Consumers- this is big. I will be working. I can't believe it. Crying inside. Seriously.

Label: Mayle
Deal: Up to 80% off the brand's coveted frocks
When/Where: Thursday, April 24th and Friday, April 25th. Daily 10am—7pm. 263 W 38th St between Seventh and Eighth Aves, sixteenth floor (no phone).

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The perfect black Heels

I have a criteria for investing in uber-expensive designer shoes. One, they have to be somewhat timeless. As with all designer shoes most "fashion" people will recognize the season I want them to be generally anti-trend. Meaning they aren't being featured on "what's hot now" lists. Because, well we know why... Another, is that they have to be versatile. The kind of wear with anything, wear with everything shoe that can be divided by cost per wear mathematics so as to eliminate the grating guilt (remember, I was raised catholic).
Last, they have to have a somewhat exciting design that makes them a fun statement to add into rotation. This, consumers, as anyone may be aware is a tough criteria actually.
But I have found the perfect option- these Louboutin black heels. I love the design- kind of like a mini-bootie- so they are exciting enough to warrant a hefty price tag. They are just as versatile as a plain pair of black heels and though recognizable definitely toeing the line of seasonal- I think I love them too much to care. Lovely. Louboutins do wonders for your legs. A sound investment.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Really Delicious Mexican

Being that my BF is from Mexico, I have a determined critic at my side (and one whom I should mention is overwhelmingly Mexican proud). When we moved to NY we made it our mission to try the "best-ranked" mexican spots. Particularly awful were the offerings at Paladar and Centrico which were at one time ranked as the best.
So in our attempt to find manhattan based mexican that was at best reminiscent- we stumbled upon Itzocan, an unassuming and perpetually packed spot on 9th st. between a and 1st. Disclaimer: I apologize for the condescending tone of this post. I loathe all those "I just can't find any authentic (thai, mex, italian, spanish, greek...etc) in NY." I think it's a way of differentiating yourself from all the other people who actually like those places by assuming that you understand the cuisine much better than them. Therefore: Me a culinary savant- You an ignorant ingester of sub-par fare (and you like it! gasp!).
So let's say this, I like cheap mex. I like tex-mex. I actually enjoyed (with the exception of the two named) my meals at most of the mexican restaurants I have tried here, even if I enjoyed with an unimpressed enthusiasm. BUT I still crave the food I've had in mexico that feels like it was cooked by one person in a small kitchen. It's different. Perhaps not better. But different. And it's nice to find here.
And I'll tell you, Itzocan comes fairly close to that. I was craving guac last night and this one was SPIIICCY with enormous pieces of cilantro that burst in your mouth. Basic and delicious. But what stole the show wasn't the chicken with mole (G's meal) or my queso oaxaca and nopal salad- it was this crazy brulee of calabaza. So NOT authentic mexican by any means- it was creme brulee for crying out loud. But pumpkin creme brulee that tasted like something someone's mother whipped up for you with just the basics, cream, eggs, sugar and pumpkin. It was the most amazing dessert I've had in while. Not because it was authentic- but actually somehow reminded me why I love mexican cuisine.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Fortes Design

I adore the idea behind this line of clothing that I stumbled upon today. These durable pieces really defy the word trend and rather stick to very basic silhouettes and colors (nary a print in sight!) that are meant to age beautifully over time. There's an incredibly appealing ease to this collection and I can easily imagine them being those perfect options for layering in the winter and for throwing on without thought or fuss in the summertime.
The line is carried at a few select NY boutiques- Bird and TG170 on the LES to name two great ones.
Check it out people. These are exactly the kind of laid back pieces whose cost per wear ratio keeps them affordable.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Hi there consumers!
Exciting news! I am officially blogging for a new super cool website called My first post should go up today- as long as everything goes smoothly on a technical level and those forces are not to be reckoned with.
So if you don't find me today, look tomorrow and all will be revealed!
I will not neglect my loyal consumers though, I swear. These times of an impending recession (or are we in it?) require dedicated consumption- so long as we don't incur massive debt by trying to take advantage of all the goodies at topshop where my measly little dollar is being swallowed up whole.
So back to the point of my post today.
I went to see the counterfeiters on sunday. Honestly my motivations were superficial. I was totally compelled by the look of the actor that played the lead. Not in a sexual way- if anyone has seen previews or the film I am sure you know exactly what I mean. And it was incredibly disappointing. Maybe the translator was right out of school- or maybe the dialogue was just clich├ęd and bad. Whatever it was, was bad and actually boring to boot.
I don't know what it is about "based on a true story" films- whether it be the fact that in the modern age we are taught to doubt and question the legitimacy of what we are told on the big screen or, taking the more cynical (and more accurate route I believe) films are so sensationalized and romanticized you find yourself distanced on all levels. If you've been reading my blog you'll know I am a romantic- but not in the "good always prevails" kind of way.
What bothered me was the predictable outcome, the one dimensional characters and the ineffective moments of trying to give the film some sort of modern relevance.
Anyone seen it?
Report please.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

For the Guyz

Label: BBlessing
Deal: Up to 80% off clothing from Rag & Bone, Raf Simons, Surface To Air and more
When/Where: Friday, April 18th and Saturday, April 19th. Daily noon—7pm. 5 Crosby St between Grand and Howard Sts, suite# 6D (212-378-8005).

You lucky men...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What to wear to a big event...

I am working an event at the end of May that demands a fun and fashion friendly ensemble. However, key word is working which I am so I need to tame the wild animal inside of me that would love to reveal itself in a wonderful OTT outfit. So with that said- I am eyeing black jumpsuits. I feel the cut is unique enough to make me feel outstanding in what will surely be a sea of LBD's. But the color remains somewhat anonymous and not too "Look at me! Take my picture!" As you may notice from the absence of photographs of myself, I don't enjoy being photographed one bit. But I do like to dress to make a statement. A conundrum, no? Please advise psych majors.
Always wished I could compose self-photographs like Susie Bubble. She's a a bit of an idol of mine.
And back to the outfit...
I haven't found the quite right version just yet but here are some options that could work with some tweaking. Ideally I want one with long billowy pants and a deeper neckline in the front that slightly dips in the back. Sleeveless and simple are key. Great shoes (metallic perhaps) and some good jewelry. Of course a man's watch to top it off.
I will be reporting back on the evening so stay tuned and all will be revealed (what I wear, who was there and what 40 versions of an LBD look like in mid-town manhattan).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Best Burger (veggie incl.)

Sorry I haven't provided accompanying photographs. I promise to follow up with some super yummy shots since I eat here often. Royale on Avenue C between 10th and 9th st. (right around the corner from my abode) serves up the best burger in NY were you to take into account all the crucial elements: i.e. consistency, guaranteed space (the place is never packed with the sole exception of weekend nights when there is almost always still at least one table), super nice waitresses and...well I hate to say it because it's completely biased...convenient location. BF always gets bacon royale which i just can't touch becuase I'm not such a meat lover but he gives it an emphatic thumbs up everytime. I get the veggie burger (cue eye roll). I know I know. But I LIKE it. No I LOVE it. It has maybe avocado and is likely deep fried or at least pan seared to greasy perfection and served with a deep red slice of tomato, one leaf of bibb lettuce (the only lettuce suitable for a burger) onion and brioche sesame roll (key component). The bun is always fresh, the tomatoes are mysteriously (please don't force my mind to contemplate why) always ripe, red and the exact same width and the bibb lettuce is equally consistent in size and shape (for better or worse). I like lots of mustard and ketchup and a glass of white wine and pickles to wash it down. Heaven. Believe me. This is an often overlooked spot and truly stellar.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Change of Plans

Pulling the old switcheroo this week. Since my dinners this week were not worth explaining (let alone snapping photos of) and with plans to go out tomorrow, I am switching my restaurant/wanting theme.
With this up and down weather, I finally am granted permission to allow my scarf obsession to run wild. I always have a difficult time buying scarves. I can't quite explain why but I believe it has something to do with the fact that until the scarf is on with the right outfit, it's difficult to love it off. Right? I haven't exactly seen a scarf and gone- oooohhh...I want. Which I am sure people would find funny considering their overwhelming presence in my wardrobe. The majority of scarves I own were gifts- and items I questioned at first, and then slowly acclimated. And so when I saw this beauty on topshop today I was bemused at the fact that I think I could love. It's a great counterpoint to the more structured clothing that is catching my eye lately- and a wonderful uber-boho statement to all the gorgeous sundresses I can't wait to wear. Cool summer nights warrant lovely neckwear. Take note.


I stand corrected consumers. Paraboot shoes are in fact sold in ny. I received the following email from their North American sales rep. today:

"Thank you for your inquiry regarding Paraboot footwear. In New York City please contact the following:

Tru-Form Shoes
856 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY 10021
phone: 212-288-1525


Tom Austin Shoes
20 W. 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
phone: 212-687-1635"

I called Tru-Form and they informed me they carried the "Louvre" shoe about 6 years ago, but would special order for me if I request it. The price was upwards of $300. Tom Austin carries only men's shoes- so it looks like Tru-Form is my only option. Ahhhh...should I wait for Paris or splurge now? Guide me fellow consumers. I've been loose with the plastic lately- so advise with caution...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Paraboot Shoes

This 100 year old company has offered up the best version of my white brogue dream shoe yet.
The quality is amazing- the leather and the stitching are all done by hand. The website even includes directions about caring for your shoes and the breakdown of all the shoe's components. And as far as I can tell- many styles retail for under $250.
Love the styles they have available for men too.
The only negative (get ready for this)
They are not sold in the states.
A French company, they have several retailers throughout France, one if London and one in Japan. They do accept orders over email. I would if I actually could trust buying shoes I've never tried- but I don't dare. With a trip to France looming in August, I just hold out for my chance to pick them up at one of their retailers.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


So many chic, cute, nice sales girls (is that a politically correct term?)
Amazing clothing (as if you hadn't noticed what a huge fan I am yet)
Perfect merchandising (one of each piece on the floor and lotsa great details like this pink arm chair)
AND...(this is my favorite)
Look books to take with you!!!
I love nothing more than look books. I like to have them all around me...on the floor, in between the cushions on my couch, and even (much to the aggravation of my BF) under the blanket. "Reading" in bed has its price.
I LOVE mayle.
What I love about the store is exactly everything that you have to love in a store. There is a sparse layout so as not to overwhelm, but everything is displayed well and interspersed with some great antique wooden boxes and vintage lace. So feminine but also so modern. And the ladies who work at mayle deserve much praise. So sweet. So chic. and very good at recommendations. They tactfully encouraged a girl today to experiment with that lovely robin's egg blue and the results were amazing on her. And I want one of these bags. In the brown/gray hue. STAT.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I feel Tainted

My catholic guilt is getting to me on this film review. I don't know why I wanted to see it people. I really don't. Maybe it was my dramatic nature or the fact that I am abstractly fixated with Michael Pitt or that naomi watts is a real superstar to me. I don't know. I like to think that it had nothing to do with the fact that I knew the film was going to be incredibly disturbing and emotionally draining.
Yes I saw Funny Games- and everything you think it is going to be like is exactly how it is. Brutal. I dragged a friend along because I knew I would need some grounding during the movie. He seemed to need me just as much and more than once I felt the need to remind him (or was it me?) verbally "This is a social commentary." Reminding myself of that was a mode of extricating myself from the highly grotesque images that were not seen (none of the violence is shown, only the aftermath).

The performances were brilliant all around. But we knew that would be the case, right? I just couldn't stop thinking- man i hope hope hope nobody on the edge goes to see this movie. Because it was so glamorous and appealed to such a sick fascination that we have with misery, I think it could sway people in the worst direction. And they sail off squeaky clean to boot.
I am not a supporter of censorship of course- but these films make me question that stance slightly. Couldn't this instigate more violence? I really believe that it could.

It was an amazingly well made and well produced film but left me with this terrible question: why in the world had I wanted to see it?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

One sale worth mentioning

maybe you can pick up one of these gorgeous scraves?

I think I'm in love with a shirt

Yes I missed Wednesday. But I'm making it up to you today with two posts! And lots o' babble. Whenever I buy something new that I love it has an effect on me much like a stiff drink- I get very heady, chatty and quite self-absorbed. Luckily it passes once I've anointed my enthusiasm on to...whoever is in my path really, but surely there are three individuals accustomed to receiving ecstatic calls every now and then. And so, on my way home from work I popped into American Apparel just to do my usual once over to see if there is anything I should be taking note of (this is definitely my place for dependable basics). My shopping habits border on the frighteningly predictable being that I shop for clothes much like I shop for groceries- with a checklist of exactly what I am looking for. I even devise a minimum to maximum price point I am willing to spend on said items.
Ummm...moving on....
So in American Apparel I came across these amazing raglan sweatshirts and the second I put it on in the dressing room, I started calculating how many I could buy within the reasonable realms of an impulse buy. I settled on two- one in this gorgeous green material and another in the same style, but the material is more like a shirt than a sweatshirt. They are the softest, most heavenly pieces of clothing I have ever owned. That is not an exaggeration. I don't know how I can ration my wears being that they are the only things I can imagine wanting to wear on these not quite cold and not quite hot days.
Ahh...I'm in the midst of spring fling.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wish I had $4,000 to spend on a jacket

Is there anyone out there that doesn't share this wish? So it's Tuesday and all I can think is...I want I want I want...this brand new dior homme leather bomber. I'd keep it forever. It would elevate anything I put on (especially frilly, girly frocks or short shorts)
Alas, there isn't even cost per wear mathematics that could rationalize this purchase. Even if its collector's item status and testament to Hedi Slimane's dior epiphany could somehow warrant an investment, this is one temptation I will walk away from. What's your secret investment piece fantasy?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Pretty, Burnt Lasagna and a Creamy Soup

Falai enterprises (falai, falai panateria and falai cafe) are some of my favorite eateries in ny. I was literally speechless after my first experience at falai two years ago. Most of my favorite meals have fuzzy memories of the food. I recall ambience much more clearly. But not so with my first meal at falai. I remember it perfectly and still fantasize that one day I will have an experience that will rival it (or at least compare). But alas, all signs thus far point to a very singular and wonderful culinary memory, not to be repeated. Like the faint memory of smells from the kitchen while my father would cook up saturday brunches...I am haunted by that whipped cod layered with some kind of a chickpea tuille and the surprising and absurd addition of raisins (!) which pleasantly only added to the delight of such a well composed, thoughtful and truly beautiful dish. So that was the first time. And consequently, being that all my expectations were surpassed upon this first impression, I began to feel less and less with each meal. It's inevitable, right?
And so of course it would follow suit that falai panateria right down the street would be "go-to" spot for brunches and casual dinners. My BF shares the fascination (thank god!) so I have a partner in my sick and abusive crime (if you can call devouring almond banana cakes by the spoonful a crime).
Last night we stuck to the basics, arugula salad (yes I adore arugula), steamed shrimp, lasagna bolognese and creamed eggplant soup. Creamed eggplant soup sounds so terribly wrong that it might just be the best way to fully understand how genius Iaccopo Falai is. It was absolutely lovely. Lasagna, however, was burnt. Badly. Oh well, can't win them all. it's OK Iaccoppo. I still love you and your empire. And even at your worst, you're pretty damn good.
Sincerely Yours,
Someone who wishes you were part of their daily diet.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Designer Spotlight

Subversive Jewelry, though not a new line to the industry, is getting my designer spotlight position this sunday. I have never been a person who salivates over jewelry: having never really invested in good pieces my taste is not yet fully developed. But with statement making pieces, you can never go wrong as a means of boosting the impact of a simple outfit. This New York based line was started by Justin Giunta- a veritable jack of all trades of the art/fashion world. His resume boasts experience in several areas of fashion and art, and has most recently acquired the "jewelry designer" title. You must see the website that has been created for the line, as it is one of the most gorgeous sites I have come across.
I am really loving elaborate necklaces lately, mostly as a way to replace my beloved scarves come the hot summer evenings. Yet if you're in the market for more unusual fare such as a kilt pin or wallet chain, you can obtain one by Subversive that will certainly elevate the defintions of those pieces.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

NARNIA on rivington

Store Review Day! (particularly excited for this one as it is my very first post of a store review)
So after hitting up the mayhem that was the Narnia/Honey in the Rough sample sale, I decided it had been a while since I had perused the racks in Narnia (which happens to be one of my favorite boutiques on the LES).
Such a delightful store. It has that girly, boudoir feel without being too precious. Like were this really your boudoir, it would be fine to toss a dress or two on the floor as you decide what to wear. The store is entirely vintage finds at decidedly new york vintage prices (fairly steep at times). Shopping vintage is an impulsive sport, so I have generally been put off by that aspect of the New York scene, since so many of those impulse buys see their one night out and are quickly retired to the "shelves" (see previous posts for full understanding of the demotion of "shelving"). However, there is no denying that when you come upon that PERFECT vintage piece, there will never be any real competition amongst the rest of your wardrobe. That piece is priceless. And for that, the hunt is worth it. Narnia is the kind of place where one can find that piece, due to it's keen editing. However, like all vintage stores enter carefully consumers- the dog bites. As with all rules of vintage hunting, stick with what fits or is easily altered, on pieces that cannot be found in better versions new.
Don't settle for a skirt that falls at mid calf even if it is vintage ysl and a gorgeous color (unless of course you can easily take the hem up above the knee). But heed to your instincts. The thrill is...well...thrilling. But takes editing skills so keep your guard up. Don't be seduced by the charming dressing room that makes you feel like you are trying on clothes in the French country house of your artistic and stylish old aunt. Don't romance all those rows of boots as potentially being your daily footwear selection (most are size 5 anyway).
Today Narnia was a wonderfully inspiring trip (GOT to get a vintage black speedy bag- the one pictured was by coach and in too tattered a condition to shell the cash)- furthering my excitement about spring-cleaning. But I kept my wallet on lockdown and am thankful I did. If only that corset were not in such decrepit shape, I may have actually been able to create my very own VPL inspired ensemble.

My First Fashion Icon

Oh my structure is all atizzy. Forgive me consumers, it's all a working idea and I'm test-driving the execution. So yes, I have nixed the television themed Wednesday nights. But here's a television reference. It came to me because I was trying to pinpoint early fashion influences the other day and all these hilarious, extremely vivid memories came to me of this girl. She was sassy, had a cool best friend that never showered, and little brother straight out of the jcpenny back to school catalogue. Not to mention her penchant for pop art and pattern on pattern dressing. I was all over it. For me, each episode was a dream wardrobe. I tried to make my room look like hers (splatter painted my door and speckled my wall with handprints). Too nervous in my pre-pubescent body to fully don a clarissa outfit, I would have "clarissa nights" with my best friend where we would create outfits inspired by her and walk around the block. So devious. The memories could go on and on to include the doc martins I HAD to have because they were the only things suitable for displaying my black polka dot pink socks, or the need to wear a hat no matter what time of year that was often embellished with flair (I kid you not! Buttons all over the hat- enough to make me blush even as I write this post).
So the question BEGS to be asked. Please tell me. Who were your first fashion influences??

Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekend Sales

Event: Sample Sale/Warehouse Sale

Who: Honey In The Rough and Narnia Vintage

Where: 174 Ludlow St., New York, NY 10002
Between E. Houston and Stanton
Closest Subway: F or V Train - 2nd Ave Stop

When: Saturday April 5th, 11am - 8 pm

Phone: 212-979-0661 or 212-228-6415

Cheap Cheap Cheap Vintage! Mega Mark Downs on New Clothing! Shoes, Dresses, Jewelry, Belts and Bags!

For ONE day only two stores are banding together to bring the bargins to the people! Delve into the sweet harmony of both new and vintage under one roof! Narnia Vintage will be offering piles of vintage finds ranging from $10 - $40. Honey In The Rough will have new merchandise marked down to sample sale prices!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Coming Soon to an H & M near YOU!

OK OK. I know that this is leaked onto every single fashion blog but I couldn't resist adding my two cents to all fashion fanatics that are losing their heads in anticipation for Comme des Garcons' collection for H & M, which will hit stores in November (good god...isn't that in, like, a year from now??). Alas, the fashion community is all abuzz and rightfully so. This is big news. Though oddly not really a shocker. I mean, cat's out of the bag, fashionistas: High-end designers are willing to work for mass retailers. And since every designer (and now every person that wears their clothes) has been blessed with a commission to create a line, it is necessary to do something to make some waves in this over saturation of commercial high fashion. And so, get thee one Rei Kawakubo and wipe the jaded looks off all those editors flipping through, yawn, another designer for H & M's (or was it target, kohl's, walmart, uniqlo, steve and barry's) latest look book. Have to add here, what in the world is Steve and Barry's??? I never had heard of that store and still have yet to see one. Is this due to my isolated East Coast upbringing? Digression.
I cannot wait to see how this line translates. The irony was immense when I heard Kawakubo's assessment of her fall '08 collection was "comme des garcons bad taste" when in my opinion it had the most commercial appeal to date. I could almost see how she'll approach this collection. ALMOST. But in this case, I don't dare predict. Because the very nature of this designer, as referenced by the title of this post, is her steadfast unpredictability. Perhaps that is why we're all on the edge of our seats. Anyone else at this stage of the game is no brainer. The next logical step for this post-project-runway world is a 14-year-old jersey girl in a black taped tulle tutu designed by one of fashion's greatest minds. Count me in.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lusting for jane mayle

What I want this Tuesday.
Today was absolutely hot! Despite the fact that this is the worst weather for my hair (it truly does nothing but make it really big and appear really dirty) I am LOVING it! The sounds of birds outside the window during my evening yoga class gave me one of those, "everything's coming up roses" feelings. Silly girl, what is there to be so stressed about? And I quickly hightailed it home to do some spring wishlist shopping. I saw this dress for the first time a while back- it's actually part of mayle's holiday collection. Love the open back detail and the antique print. This is what I mean by the wallpaper I'd like to find- only brighter since we're talking spring, SAD and all...
I am one of those sick people who soak in summer in the city. I relish it- loving those too hot to handle days where your head throbs and the sweat starts piling up right out of the shower. It makes me feel...dare I say...sensual. And I love the no fuss, comfort at all costs mode of dressing. This could just go right on after the shower- hair still dripping and smelling clean and fresh, little beads of sweat trickling onto your top lip and suggesting salt and sunscreen. A pair of nude gladiators or even a pair of .99 cent flip flops could suffice and you're good to go.
And in the evening, you can just waddle home, throw on a pair of heels, lots of bangles and you're ready for a night out. Genius.