Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Night Fine Dining

Keeping to my (moody) structure: It's Restaurant Day!
I like how this is the only day that officially gets it's own emphatic anouncement each time. You can see where my real heart lies.
Today was balmy and humid and drizzling in NY so after having had a week long house guest and subsequently lots of nights out, I was ready to become intimate with my couch, BF and blog. Heaven.
And the thought of trekking out through the East Village was anything but enticing- so we ordered in. Westville East is fast becoming the best take out in the neighborhood. I generally hate take out for several reasons.
1) Interminably long waits that have capped out at an insufferable 2 hours once (I kid you not)
2) Diminished food quality due to improper packaging
3) Serious temperature problems
4) Having worked in several restaurants I know how much I mentally curse out the person on the other end asking "Can I order for delivery?"

At the risk of sounding like a total princess (I swear, I'm not) these factors keep me from ordering in and even in my most hung over, exhausted, and smelly state, I manage to get out the door and eat in the restaurant.

But not tonight. Westville East is the best for take out. Really.
1) Order put in at 7:50 and food arrived at 8:20
2) Food packed perfectly- still hot- dressings packed separately
3) Smart, nice people (even if they were cursing me out in their minds)
4) Perfect menu for take out

I had the 4 vegetables as a meal- mixed mushrooms (marinated in olive oil with salt and pepper), roasted beets with walnuts (dusted with a little bit of sugar), brussel sprouts (soaked in dijon mustard), asparagus (grilled with parmesan)
G and I shared grilled corn with cotija and lime
G had the crab cakes with a super spicy chipotle mayonnaise.
Crab cakes were out of control delicious. Not the finest and freshest you will ever find- not the kind that is loaded with crab meat. But exactly the kind you want when you are having a lazy night in and looking for some comfort food. The chipotle sauce was perfect.
Beets are my standby at westville. Mushrooms were the best tonight though. Really chewy and meaty. Asparagus is the only thing that fell short. Overcooked and stringy. I never have been a fan of grilling asparagus. Too easy to overcook.

Overall a solid A- on the official take out scale.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Daily Designer

Refinery29 posted this a while ago and this suit has been haunting my mind. The line is called Reality Studio and sadly, as far as I can tell, is not yet available in the states. Not that I need one, but here's another brilliant reason to visit Berlin. The Berlin based line sited a trip to Morocco as being the main inspiration for their current Spring '08 collection of boxy shirts, fringed headbands, and harem pants. They put this inspiration to good use in the re-working of the suit especially- the pants are cropped and full- a perfect counterpoint to a shrunken tuxedo jacket.
Looking through their past collections it seems this season the line is reaching a new height and as long as they continue with their downsizing (mounds and mounds of fabric and heavy draping in past collections looked too sloppy) they will be a favorite of mine and I'll continue to be on the look out for their U.S. debut.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Movie of Year

I already gave accolades to my favorite film of 2007, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, in a previous post but...I'm re-visiting. Mostly because I think in order to start my film blogging on a good note, I have to start with the most exciting film I have seen recently (even if recently means december).
I haven't read the book. And I almost don't want to. I almost want to completely maintain that the entire story was as romantic, heart breaking and true to life as Julian Schnabel created for us. I feel like if I were to read the book it would dispel the beautiful story that has already been told. But I will read it...
(p.s. I can't believe I forgot Book review in my daily diet lowdown. Let's see how long this structure really is put to use)

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is everything you think you don't want in a film- awkward camera angles, overexposed lighting that can at times be nausea inducing, long moments of silence (or at least a monotonous drone of letters being recited in the same order over and over again), and a sarcastic french protagonist.
But...the truth is, these are the very things that make the film so enchanting and memorable. When it starts to take itself too seriously- in a hollywood OTT, never would happen kind of way- it pulls back to display something so relatable and human you remember why you appreciated those hollywood moments in the first place. Because of the way that the film unfolds- not to mention an ingenious soundtrack- you leave the movie with the impression that you have been witness to something incredibly significant but also elusive. It's no coincidence that I resolved to write everyday after I watched it. As much as I'd like to avoid clichés, it honestly gave me a true sense of mortality. And it was thrilling.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Give Your Wallets a (Light) Workout this Weekend

3/22–4/1 Freemans Sporting Club has suits, button downs, and jackets on sale starting at 40 percent off. 8 Rivington St., nr. Bowery (212-673-3209); Mon.–Fri. (noon–8); Sat. (11–8); Sun. (noon–6).

3/28 and 3/29 Built by Wendy is unloading previous seasons’ collections of tent dresses, carpenter pants, and gauze tops for 75 percent off. 46 N. 6th St., nr. Kent St., Williamsburg (718-384-2882); 3/28 and 3/29 (11–8).

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Daily Diet NYC...Daily

Finally it is looking as if I can officially settle into a structure. Evidenced from my last couple of posts- this is going to force me to not saturate the whole blog with one theme.
And so here's my very very tentative daily low down.
Sunday: Designer Discovery
Monday: Restaurant Review
Tuesday: Lusting Item
Wednesday: Television Lowdown (ok not sure about this. It's embarrassing- but if you're going to make a blog with the theme of consumption, can you possibly exclude it? And to my chagrin, I'm much more schooled in this one than I'd like to be)
Thursday: Weekend Sales Listings
Friday: Movie
Saturday: Store/Shopping Review

Does this look good, fellow consumerists?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday = Wanting

What is it about Tuesdays that make me feel so...bleh? Its position in the week is too obvious to state as a real reason for that blasé feeling I get on Tuesday nights. Sure it's not quite the middle, not the beginning and depressingly far from the end, but that's not really it. It's my sleepy day. The day I really snooze on the alarm- today was a record of 40 minutes.
And it feels so...uneventful.
So I think Tuesday should be my wanting day of the week. The day I highlight the object I am dreaming about in between groggy snoozes.
My apartment is a sorry mix of furniture that has been acquired through numerous unnamed sources- I'll hesitatingly admit that all those sources happen to have been people looking to unload. I dream about having a place that I can work from scratch into an airy, bright and inspiring apartment- decked out with antique wallpaper and beautiful pieces of furniture acquired from my numerous trips around the world (present lifestyle not included). And I would be sure to snatch up one of these lamps from the days of Big Biba and merge the art deco with a feminine, rustic twist. Sigh. $1,800 starting price on ebay. Happy Tuesday.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Face lift and night at Lil Frankies

Dailydietnyc is getting a major make over. In the renovation/development/surgical stage I encourage any feedback of things you would like to see added. But here's my current thought process- originally daily diet was supposed to be an all encompassing "consumption" blog specifically geared towards a nyc point of view. However, launching during fashion week put an emphasis on only fashion and I ran with that. But I am missing my original idea and am working on getting it into place.
and with that- Monday is officially restaurant review day!
Lil Frankies is a place that I have over and over again heard rave reviews of. I have always subconciously avoided places with lots of hype- preferring to trust my gut instincts and walk into a place that feels inviting and exciting and makes me feel like a "real" discoverer. As one quickly learns in NYC, places with absolutely no hype at all...completely undiscovered...tend to disappoint. Maybe it's because I tend to surround myself with foodies- or maybe just because one of my first questions upon meeting someone is "where do you like to eat?"- I have a running list of places with, at the very least, an educated yay or nay endorsement. And so I finally broke down and went into Lil Frankies, lured by lots of "SO GOOD!!" and equally non-descriptive and generic, yet enthused adjectives. And I wasn't disappointed. OK, not blown away- not tapping my heels together and singing it's praises down 1st avenue- but quite satisfied. Jamie Burke seated at the bar helped- but only minorly. He and a very beautiful but totally archetypical blond that has spent every winter on bondi beach and wear uggs that don't overwhelm her sky high gams and compliment her naturally bleached and unwashed hair that somehow, SOMEHOW, maintains that salty, beachy air that she lapped up down under.
Enough about that eye candy.
Food tastes better. We had a lil frankies salad- arugula, beets, zucchini, fennel, sweet cherry tomato, potatoes (not so pleasant addition) in a balsamic and olive oil dressing. It was totally great. Lots of salt and pepper- at times overly liberal and made me clear the throat- but satisfying when, like me, sea salt is another key ingredient. Especially the zucchini and surprisingly the tomatoes, which aren't in season, but let's pretend...
I ordered a bianca pizza and roasted butternut squash. Bianca had no cheese to my surprise, but lots of truffle oil and rosemary so no complaints. Probably dry to the average eater- but for me, perfect. It tasted like a delicious focaccia that had just been whipped up and I polished it all off myself. bravo me.
squash was fine. parmagiana cheese layered throughout made it like a gratin. I could have left the cheese but it was hearty and made it feel decadent which can be good when you're starving (which I was).
G. had gnocchi. yummy mostly. salty sauce that didn't taste so fresh but fufilled our expectations. it was cooked perfectly.
It's not easy for me to sit down to a meal and compliment liberally. such a critic.
but I give Lil Frankies a solid B+ and would go back for sure.
The Soave was wonderful and got us through this post!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A very Peculiar Easter

Re-visiting my blog today was like picking up the phone to call a friend whom I've been so out of touch with that I can't remember if I was the last one to have left a message or was it the other way around? And in this case, do I have an actual legitimate excuse for being so absent or do I have nothing good to show for it? No promotion, no big move, no trips overseas? In New York, slacking means not making productive use of my time out of the office. And yes I am guilty of that. Realty television and I have been making good friends, but so have me and my BF who have been crashing on the couch, eating home cooked food (a novelty in our east village apartment) and spring wardrobe shopping. I am so excited for the impending season- anyone who knows me can easily atest to my undiagnosed SAD.
I have even been known to request aid to get through the end of August because I am anticipating the long months ahead. Not kidding.
just like the weather changing outside, I am giving my wardrobe a little ringing out. Lord do I have a ton of t-shirts. I don't even wear t-shirts.
But I had this running list of specific pieces I wanted to purchase for the Spring (ok I know you are all aware of one- I haven't brought myself to order them yet for fear of bad sizing)
And the list seemed impossible to actually fill based off my measly cash flow- but I went into Uniqlo- a place I frequent a lot but don't often buy from- and I literally picked up 3 of the items on my list for less than $150. And they are beautiful! I was shocked as I stood in my little dressing room admiring how the pieces were EXACTLY what I wanted at prices that I didn't have to rationlize to death.
What did I buy?

1) A pair of fitted and slightly belled at the bottom, high waisted jeans. Originally I was tempted to shell out $187.00 for jbrands "the doll." I swear these are just as good. For a girl with short legs and a long torso, the high waisted trend forgives- rather than slaughters me.

2) An oversize "boyfriend" black blazer. I saw a picture on the sartorialist when he was covering fashion week of a girl in one that created such a furious desire in me to hunt one down. I had been considering dropping the cash at again just because they had what appeared to be a great version. I know everyone is doing these now, but this one is the way it should be done. Linen, one slit in the back, sits right below hip, perfect lining (albeit polyester) to peek out when sleeves are cuffed.

3) An ultra thin deep v-neck white shirt. American Apparel's version looked good on everybody but me. I can't explain why- different strokes...ok ok. you get the picture. Uniqlo works for me people.

What is on your Spring wardrobe list?

Monday, March 17, 2008

La Feminine

Paulo Melim Andersson out; Hannah MacGibbon tapped for role
reports fashion week daily. I have to say that I saw this coming. Chloe needs a woman's touch. But how can someone follow in the footsteps of Phoebe Philo?
Such big shoes to fill.
My hopes are high. And high for Andersson too- although I didn't like what he did for Chloe, he's obviously very talented.
Forgive me as I am dozing off right now. There's a question that has just been ringing in my head lately- all those words that we use to describe collections...
Does modern have to mean severe?
Night time rambling.
Chloe has always been really soft and feminine but I think Phoebe Philo particularly modernized the line. And nothing she did was severe or stark or "modern." maybe I am giving too much weight to a word.
Anyway- I almost think that "modern" is no longer modern. Does that make sense?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

White Brogues Part II

Inside my closet you will find a huge pile of sloppily folded t-shirts and yoga pants and jeans (almost all have holes at the hems) that portray a false sense of organization. Hanging up are the pieces that I regularly recycle into my best possible outfits and guard with care. The day one of those pieces makes it into the muddle is usually monumental and marks a slow demotion for previously mentioned garment. But shoes do not go through this degradation. They are neatly aligned- no matter how old.
And lately they seem to be looking for friends. What do you think of these?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

White Brogues

For Spring '08 Vena Cava showed an exquisite collection (no surprise there) of pieces that have the delicacy and feminity that feels lost on the more rugged and easily discarded collections that show up beside them at the Coop. I really get the sense that these are pieces that you want to tuck away in an antique steamer trunk (inherited from your grandmother no doubt) and save for your daughter. I am laughing out loud at myself as I write that- but I it's actually true.
The point of this post, however, is not to sing the praises of Vena Cava- but to ask for help. I love the shoes on this model. White brogues for summer. I think I found some on but they have a woven detail that I don't love. Really loving these shoes.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This weekend I was lucky enough to get to a Target upstate that was not ravaged by hoards of NewYorkers. Meaning size small was available in almost all styles from the jovovich hawk collection. And to my pleasant surprise (I haven't actually shopped any of the capsule collections yet for fear of...well disappointment really) the pieces are actually much better quality than I had expected. Many pieces are polyester (of course) but the construction and fit is much better than it appeared in the photos. I am now a die hard GO INTERNATIONAL fan- and thrilled richard chai is doing a collection that will hit stores in august. love his designs and i think they will translate beautifully. Thrilled! And happily coveting my jovovich hawk pieces.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Last Fall I encountered a collection that I am absolutely determined to get more exposure for. It's amazing that it hasn't hit the states yet- but is available online at That's all I can find now- and ebay. Melbourne based Therese Moran started the line in 2000 and currently there are 2 Zayt boutiques (which also happen to stock jbrand denim as well) in Melbourne. I think what appeals to me the most about the line is the versatility of the pieces. Like most Aussie labels it seems to have definite 'It Girl' appeal- but these are separates that don't need to be worked into a "look" to work. They are exactly what I am on the hunt for when building my wardrobe- simple pieces that require almost no thought when throwing on and instantly make whatever you are wearing stylish. When I saw the collection, I tried on several pieces from the Spring collection stand outs included the perfectly fitted black pencil skirt, a white cropped, boxy silk shirt, and a ruffled yellow dress that felt lighter than anything I have ever worn before. It truly was the lightest and sweetest dress I have ever put on and it haunts me still. As for now, since I can't find any stateside retailers, I'll continue to cross my fingers that soon they'll be available over here.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Christian Siriano's Collection

Project Runway Finale

Christian Siriano won. No surprise there. I can't say I am disappointed nor am I particularly excited about his collection. Honestly, I can't say any of the designers blew me away this season and all you hear about is "The caliber of these designers was EXTREMELY high this season." While I agree with the fact that their technical skills were impressive, I wasn't very moved by the designs. Christian's collection was good and there were a couple of looks that were really amazing to me- the first, second and the one with the big white collar- but all in all, I never got the sense that I was seeing something on par with what I want to see right now. What I can say however, is that I think Christian, being so young, has incredible potential and more longevity than any of the other past winners. Is it just the march blahs- or was anyone else disengaged this season?

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Originally uploaded by stabler121701
Could somebody please stop this celebrity invasion? Capsule collections, consulting design jobs, guest editors, models, face of brands...the list goes on. Celebrities have their hands in every single aspect of business these days. And it wouldn't bother me so much if they were not so incredibly crucial to the development of a brand. Can we no longer decide for ourselves what we want to wear? Do we have to look to celebrities to tell us how to dress??? They not only inform us about where to eat, how to diet, or what car to drive, they even remind us to cast our ballots on election day! Natalie Portman, being at least a respectable person who generally seems to befriend the paparazzi less than most celebs, may be a poor choice for this post. But somehow, her involvement in the Celebu-designer onslaught is more irritating than the lackluster Jessica Simpson and her failure of a collection- that somehow is still available. I enjoy perusing just as much as the next New Yorker- but I'm over the celebrity saturation. I understand the impulse to want an identity, brand and story as a way to weed out our choices amongst such an immensely consumerist culture- but maybe for that reason, we can start to make some better choices. Like let's at least start without having to know that a brand has not yet been spotted on Melrose before we would ever venture to write about them or purchase their wares. The more we allow celebrities to rule our choices- the more likely we are to end up like them. Do we actually want that?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Comfortable Underwear is all it Takes

Today is long and labor intensive for me. Happily, at least I am comfortable. I was thinking of compiling a list of all the wardrobe essentials that make me happy, comfortable and stylish.
It's a working list. Please feel free to add on to this rambling list...
ballet flats...boypants...scarves...cashmere socks...
(fleur't boypants are my personal favorite)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld
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Paris Fashion Week

Is it just me or is the best thing about Paris fashion week (with the exception of A. McQueen) the street style? What is it about french style that's so inspiring? I know for one thing, it's partly the fact that you can never dissect the looks and name the designer and season. As exists in most of Europe, there's a real mastering of the high mixed with low. I wouldn't call it riskier, as Carine Roitfeld alluded to in her most recent NY Mag. interview (but then again- who would you listen to, me or her?) but a bit more playful. And it's ironic considering how serious the french take themselves in other respects. The difference with french style though, that makes it stand alone from the rest of Europe is in the wearers. Arrogance registers really well in fashion. And for that- effortlessly stylish. I'm really trying to stretch the meaning of arrogance. Trying to eliminate the negativity the term evokes.
It's not french bashing- or worshipping mind you. But I want to wear my clothes like them- a cocky attitude never allows for clothes to wear you. Note to self- je ne sais quoi ces't moi.

Hence, my new favorite shopping website:

Monday, March 3, 2008

Alexander McQueen Reminds me of...

First, why I love Paris.
Second, why I like fashion.
Third, all these books I used to write between the ages of 9 and 11 about fairies.
Your imagination can simply run rampant with these looks. Be it timing, or age or just an amazing show- I have never been so moved by a collection. Simply gorgeous. Any one of these looks could be taken out of context and an entire story could emerge in a matter of minutes. That's what I always wanted to evoke when dressing- an elaborate backstory, supported by a really intriguing image. With endless possibilities of where you can go from there. Bravo.