Tuesday, July 29, 2008


OK my lovelies- I admit it. I'm a slacker with a major S to the L to the A to the C to the K to the E to the R.
Let me just defend myself by saying I have been completely and totally consumed by my apartment and the results are spectacular!
I love it. It's amazing how much a re-arrangement of space can change your mind!!
I have an office now. I mean it's a small one- and I realize people spend their lives running away from work cubicles- but I adore mine! It's going to produce some lovely daily diet entries lovelies!
Leaving for France on Thursday and you can be sure to see me here. I'll be documenting my finds- the paraboot shoes I've been eyeing for ages, the harem pants I've been searching for, the yummy croissants I ingest...
So this recent purchase, on sale at Barneys, finally satisfying my dream for white jeans.
Nice fit and crisp, wide, legs. G LOVES them...
He even demanded I buy them once I put them on.
Can't wait to debut them on my imminent vacation!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fall Shoe Wishlist

It's right about now- pretty much fashion never-land- when I start gearing up for the next season. Granted, I love summer, late summer and the lack of thought that goes into dressing at this time of year. But, for shopping purposes, it really is a time when there isn't much to talk about. Yes, I want white jeans, but am I really in the mood to invest right now? Knowing the fall list keeps ticking away?
It's no secret that I am in love with Eileen Shields shoes. And her collaboration with Maria Cornejo is just so swoon inducing, I'm dedicating yet another post to my favorite footwear designer.
These ankle boots are the kind of item that you will wear with everything and hopefully wear forever. Their chunky heel makes them completely acceptable for day, and their streamlined design keeps them hot and sexy/sophisticated for evening.
I can't decide between black and gray. The gray is so striking and I know will provoke lots of "where did you get those?" but there is nothing like a great pair of black ankle boots and the ones I have are longing to be retired.

Also at the forefront are the black slip on brogues. So perfect.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Zoe Chicco

So excited for this to arrive although it will be a while since it's going through a friend and I will be out of the country for August...
But when I get home, I'll have this lovely necklace to pay homage to the beautiful city that I will happily inhabit again!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home Renovations are not like Reality Shows

G and I are performing a little design-magic in our quaint apartment. I'll leave out the amount of bickering that seems to take place between couples when they decide to indulge such "handy" activities but needless to say- it's been a long, hot weekend.
The nagging question for me is more than how to drill or mount a television on a brick wall (yes, we did that) but more about What is my Style? A question I adore answering when it comes to clothes but am at a total loss in terms of home decor. Everything looks kind of generic and "modern" these days and although a couch from Ikea saves money and proves a nice investment (love that I am lounging on it right now), in order for me to feel "me" here I need a touch of romance, a bit of vintage and some great earthy elements.
But all the current options leave me totally confused and inept.
It's a strange feeling, being someone who is generally quite opinionated, especially when it comes to aesthetics. Stumbled across a great store on 17th street, From the Source, that revived me a little- it's all handcrafted wooden pieces from Indonesia and definitely gave me the "inspiration" tinge.
I'm running with it though and visiting their warehouse on Saturday in Greenpoint. Here's a link to their website. The pieces on the site don't look as wonderful as they do in person- so I'd suggest checking them out at 17th and 6th or at 69 West Street in Greenpoint.
(eyeing the piece pictured above)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Oh daily dieters- whirlwind weekend and lots of long days.
Actually what was a whirlwind weekend should be described more aptly as an AMAZING whirlwind weekend. So quintessential summer- outdoor concert, bottles and bottles of white wine, a water taxi and beer outside a photo exhibit and a late night walk across the Williamsburg bridge. Lovely.
Was thrown into a storm on Tuesday evening for the Dark Knight premiere. It was an attractive assortment of hollywood's hottest commodities. Lots of men actually- much to the dismay of the bf- I was cougaring in on the gossip girl cast. Forgive me.
Josh Hartnett kind of made my night with his heroic entrance after jumping from his SUV and racing across Broadway, attempting to dodge the black red carpet, but relenting his opposition once N. got real direct. Just walk she implored.
And he did. At about 40 MPH with L. running behind, ditching her heels altogether to keep up with his turbo pace.
After party was lovely. In a creepy, "just got ransacked by the joker" kind of a way. Lots of red paint. And those creepy clown masks.
Christian Bale's mouth is fascinating FYI.
I've been dreaming of sleeping (day dreaming that is) since the evening. Totally in a daze.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Big Sales at Barneys

I suggest if you are in the market for a bag or denim or a cute summer dress to go to barneys.com STAT because they are having quite the sale online and the merchandise is actually quite great. In particular I am really loving these headbands by Jacqueline Lamont. Only 19.99.
With my fear of online shopping (odd because I've had much success in this department despite the gamble) I will probably venture into the actual store this weekend but it's a good way to come armed with a list. Happy Friday.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What a Dame

First, I won the Modofacile blogger of the month contest (!). Yes it made my night and I happened to find out at 2AM the night of G's birthday- a bit tipsy from champagne and full of a 5 course Korean meal at Persimmon. I couldn't detract from our birthday dinner by maintaining my role as blogger and snapping photos (as anyone with a blog can attest, this tends to be a major point of contention in the relationship). So I am so sorry about not being able to supply you with great pictures but I will tell you to get over there ASAP because the prices the are charging for they dining experience are ridiculously affordable. The food is all made in house, no fake stuff. You watch the chefs preparing it in front of you- with a Momofuku alum running the place it's no wonder that this place delivers.
My favorite dish was a seared scallop with pickled strawberries.
G's favorite was a squash flower filled with chopped tofu and scallop and then deep-fried.
I also loved the sesame cookie and sweet rice water we had for dessert. Really delicious.

I looked back on my past posts and was a bit aghast at their elusive and un-engaging tone. Yesterday's dresses were from the Gap. I've been eyeing this store and it's development. It's slowly working its way into decent territory.

And on to today, I am reading a biography of Yves Saint Laurent and Maria Callas gets a wonderful amount of "page-time" for being a huge influence on Yves' culture. So I've been surrounding myself with images of the Opera Siren and I adore her personification of robust elegance. A red lip never looked more sultry. Is it ok for me to say what a dame?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summertime on the Cheap

Oh hot and sticky days.
Oh how good chain retailers have become.
Oh both dresses under $60.00.
Oh and I bet if we hold out for a couple weeks they'll be below $20.00.
Sorry it's so hot everything I say is in song. G. thinks I'm totally nuts but I hate AC.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Balenciaga" On Sale at Topshop

Yes once again. I am exhausted. I want to sleep. But Topshop is keeping me up (or is it the BF and his BFF in our one BR?).
But these Topshop items look QUITE familiar...
And they are on sale right now. So go. Or is that SO Balenciaga F/W07 and S/S08?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Death by Corduroy

Last night I dreamt that there was serial killer lose on the streets of Gotham. Kind of Son of Sam-esque only this time his target was not cute brunettes, it was wearers of navy corduroy (!). And in the dream I couldn't believe my luck since I had just purchased a pair of corduroys that I adored and was eagerly anticipating a day that would be cool enough to wear them. News footage showed a man who had witnessed the hostage of an unsuspecting victim donning THE SAME pants as the ones I had bought. He (yes it was a man who had bought my pants) was marched through central park under the cloak of night with a loaded gun to his head from this very dangerous and psychopathic killer.
The next day I woke up and put the pants on even though I knew I was tempting fate. It became evening and I remember seeing the sunset over Tompkins park and realizing- if I don't run FAST I'll be dead tomorrow. So I started running and I was actually flying. My toes would touch down and I would jump up over the trees and fly kind of. But the corduroy was hot so I want sweaty and sticky and it was slowing me down. When I finaly arrived at the building he had been waiting. He knew I would be there. In the pants. He had checked all the records at Barneys to see who had recently purchased the jbrand navy cords. Me. I always was suspicious when Barneys asked me for my address at check out.