Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Work It

November 23rd, 2008

A little experiment in styling for MCS Designs Jewelry

Please tell me which you like the best- over 200 pictures, here are my faves but narrowing the choices down is not easy

Coco, once again, shoots jewelry too

I'm stealing Coco's computer this weekend (hehe) to photoshop them

Let's say # 1 is the very first image from top and so on as you move down. Please tell me which you like. That means you, S.

p.s. that last one is totally silly but I can't get enough of the red socks

p.p.s. these aren't, obviously, really showing the jewelry but more for my own use so don't worry about that part

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Watches for Women and of course Men

Before you can come to my apartment and call me out for the little black book that is perched on my bookshelf reading "Nina Garcia's: The Little Black Book of Style" I am going to admit it. Isn't that the first step in recovery?

I'm not knocking Nina nor the fact that she wrote the book, which is a decently researched and entertaining tome, I am more bemused by the guilty pleasure of pouring over the book in the course of one afternoon at the Strand and subsequently buying it. I know I am "working in fashion" but I still blush when people see me reading fashion novels much the way I would were I sneaking in chapters of a self help title- which coincidentally is the section most often these books are located near.

So back to my point. She outlines in the book the importance of owning a classic man's watch. I know. I know. Of course she does. Is there anyone out there who would eschew a Rolex, a Panerai, or their boyfriend's Baume and Mercier (which was my old favorite to borrow)?

The tricky part is trying to obtain that look in the Recession.Depression or whatever other horrifying word the media is threatening us with today.

It is insanely difficult to procure a watch that doesn't require a few months of homelessness- especially, sadly, if you work in fashion.

So on the hunt I've found a line that is relatively new to the US from Switzerland which, when it comes to watches, is always a good thing. Called the Manoir Collection from Jacques Du Manoir, these Swiss made watches don't price over $350 (most retail for $299) and they look quite similar to Audemars Piguet and Hublot- lines that will undoubtedly cost you a five figure deduction on your bank account.

They are available here.

Admittedly, these are a bit of an edgier interpretation of a man's watch on a woman, but there is something extremely appealing to me about that heaviness and masculinity when paired with, say, a delicate dress.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lucky Shops

There are times when a really simple piece suddenly becomes the missing link and presents itself in a kind "Eureka" moment and you ask yourself: How could I have gone so long without?
That's how I felt when I found this silk black Vena Cava floor length skirt at Lucky Shops yesterday.
It's a terribly difficult thing to find I presume, since I can't even remember the last time I even tried one on, but it's simplicity and versatility make me wonder why we don't seek this piece out?
The skirt sits much lower on my hips than on the model here, and it's being hemmed right now so that it just allows the toe of a heeled ankle boot to peep out.

Coco Shoots Bags

Well- with her camera that is.
Yesterday we went to this amazing property in NoLita to help our friend Mara shoot her super luscious, boho chic handbags.
Her line is just about as beautiful as she is (and that says A LOT) and it conveys that really enviable, luxe bohemian quality that we love to chase.
Soon to post link to her site that is going ecommerce!
More later...