Saturday, May 31, 2008

What's In a Bag?

I alluded to this little gem in my review of Mayle a while back- but I am re-hashing as it is fresh in my mind...since my good friend just emailed me a link to an ebay version.
Ahhh...bags are so difficult to commit to, no? So do I say this...baggage (?) attached.
But I do love the chain strap and the quilting and the absence of obnoxious branding. Originally I wanted it in gray, but am re-considering the black version. This way my dirty, negligent ways aren't visible to the entire world. OK, not that dirty but definitely negligent (especially after a few glasses of wine).

Friday, May 30, 2008

You Don't have to speak French to Love it

Street style blogs are, at this point, a most ubiquitous entity in the cybersphere. It's rather ho-hum now to stumble upon one and although they can be the best procrastination enabler, I've been de-sensitized to the phenomenon. But Un Fille Comme Moi ( has taken me by surprise and I am hooked! I only lament that her street style isn't documented daily. A French illustrator with an amazing camera, gorgeous subjects (the MOST fashionable women in Paris) and beautiful sketches to accompany her photographs presents the perfect fashion blog. I'm telling you consumers. Meet your new girl crush.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alex Wang be my Friend

And don't deny me your Uniqlo capsule collection size small. I can't get there until tomorrow afternoon- which is clearly a bummer all things considered. NY women are a tenacious bunch- especially when it comes to capsule collections and Wang's killer F/W 08 collection. I think every NY woman wanted to be a Wang girl after seeing all those rocker chicks strutting down the runways, ready to raise some hell (one of my first daily diet posts was of this line..sniffle) this past NY fashion week.
Moreover, we all wanted to be in his arms, partying with the wunderkind and chugging champagne at Annex (site of his after party). So this is somehow supposed to be comparable. I mean...not exactly... but there is this dress that I kind of adore. The men's pieces are even better. Truly outstanding blazers and I'd say these are the racks we should really be storming ladies. But we'll keep that a secret so our late coming ways may heed successful results.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Red Shoes Made Me Do It

Is there an item in your wardrobe that you feel evokes a rather naughty side in you? I can usually gage how much I will dance, how late I will stay out, how bold I will feel and how indulgent I will be with the booze based off what I am wearing. And last night was a do-sy. I refuse to accept responsibility for my stumbling, drunken, smoking and late night munching ways last night. The red shoes and the couture bubble dress made me do it.
I am paying this morning, but nothing a heavy dose of 9th street espresso can’t assuage. Based off this little theory I have decided to don a polished and professional look today- productive work is in my future for sure.
I had a great time, but plan on keeping those red beauties on lock down for a bit while I recover.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Leaving in a Pink Dress

New Favorite purchase- vintage long maxi dress with a beautiful white lace applique detail at the neck. I am off consumers. On my way to the North Fork for the holiday. It's to a small little house without internet or television that my parents are renovating. Lots of quiet time. So I bid you adieu for now. Enjoy the holiday!

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Footwear

These boots are an extremely new (as in today) addition to my wardrobe. I LOVE them. They are from Eileen Shields' fall '07 collection and the fact is, I couldn't possibly imagine a better designed ankle boot. It's cut slightly contoured and goes up in the front, giving it a slight amount of gathering at the part of your foot that meets the leg. It has a hidden platform and a thick heel to make it a perfect day/work shoe.
You must see it on.
Now I have to figure out what to wear them with. I think what's most alluring about these is the fact that I would never imagine myself wearing nude colored boots. It's a totally unfamiliar territory for me, as I've stuck exclusively to the tried and true black and brown in the past. But the beauty is that it is forcing me to try a totally new kind of look to work them. I'm thinking a kind of francophile/mod thing like some faded blue skinnies and a boat neck striped shirt. Also could try a plain black sheath...
Or perhaps a light colored pencil skirt and bare legs.
Any suggestions are most welcome.
My favorite thing about new shoes is trying something you would never normally buy and then re-assesing your old wardrobe habits. The designer, Eileen, has a wonderful quote that has always stuck with me (not verbatim but for effect I'll use quotes) "You buy a pair of shoes and they feel too wild, or too much. Slowly they start making their way into your wardrobe and either tame you or bring you to life."
Such a poor rendition- but I do love the idea.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm a bad lingerie publicist

But I love Araks, even if I don't represent them:

Label: Araks
Deal: Up to 90% off luxe lingerie, swimsuits and ready-to-wear from this designer label
When/Where: Thursday, May 22nd and Friday, May 23rd. Thu 8:30am—7:30pm; Fri 9am—6:30pm. 137 Grand St between Crosby and Lafayette Sts, fifth floor (212-982-5652)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Delia Brown

Now through June 21st, there is an exhibit in Chelsea by Delia Brown that could quite possibly be worth your while. I will be there this weekend because I have been intrigued by her work for a few years now. Full disclosure- I became a little obsessed when I auditioned for an unscripted film directed by her where I was playing her. Needless to say, the audition was bizarre as I was being interviewed by the person I was supposed to be portraying...
But somehow I felt her work relevant. Very much "through the eyes of today's modern woman" unapologetic for picking up rags to read on the subway and un-ashamed to reference celebrity culture in her work. We are all inundated with it and there is a kind of alluring quality it has- and Brown's work really seems to hold the same mystique. This show is playing with the theme of mother/child I think. And I already kind of love this piece. It's kind of an "it's ok to look at pretty things" mentality.
Growing up as a self proclaimed "artist" I hate to admit that the concept is sometimes laden with guilt. Why is that?
OK it's 1 AM. I've been working all day.
Analyzing art is making me sound like an a$$hole.
Let's say goodnight.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If I had Beautiful Curves

One of my favorite co-workers texted me the other day in search of some swimsuit advice. Where to find a good suit????
Such a question- and with Memorial Day around the corner, the first official swimsuit debut, I felt the need to conduct my own bit of research. The wonderful thing about this season is that the swim suit selection is top notch. I don't remember seeing so many options at such reasonable price points. Granted, nothing comes between me and my plain navy gap bikini. I swear by it. So maybe I can't testify for the way they look off models, although I do believe that the one pictured above is an excellent option for any woman with curves. I love this suit and could barely contain my surprise that it is on sale for $59.00 at Victoria's Secret!!!!
Unfortunately for my straight as a rail frame, it's not an option but for my afore mentioned friend- a perfect fit ;).
OK this post is admittedly way too "cute" but we are talking about swimwear...
Let's keep the tone in line with the theme, right?
Any suits on your radar?
Is this season particularly great or have I just neglected this genre?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Le Sous Sol on Rivington

Belgium has been on my radar for quite some time now. Coming from a dance background, I first stumbled upon the magic of this country through a choreographer called Anne Teresa De keersmaeker. If you have never seen her work, go to the New York Public Library at Lincoln Center and watch "Rosas Danst Rosas" my absolute favorite piece of dance theater ever. And as I moved towards fashion, Belgian designers started cropping up as some of my favorites. Dries Van Noten, Martin Margiela, in addition to what is referred to as "The Antwerp Six" (6 designers that graduated from Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Art between '80 and '81). The general aesthetic gears toward stark with a very intriguing avant garde edge that sets it apart from any "trendy" or even "classic" styling. It really feels born out of the question: what fashion NEEDS to be as opposed to what it OUGHT to be?
Le Sous Sol pays tribute to these amazing designers and all the other bright-eyed (an ironic statement considering the almost bleak nature of the designs) youngin's that are emerging right now. The idea is fantastic, if not in generating sales (I do feel the client must be QUITE particular in an area over-run with "Foley and Corinna" girls and "Shop" enthusiasts) in at least educating people about the amazing new designs emerging from Belgium. Two designers really made an impact on me: a footwear designer, Nathalie Verlinden and the line, A.F Vandervorst. The latter's collection contained drapey, layered pieces that are exactly the kind of style I hope to evolve to as I get older. Not to say the pieces aren't relevant now, and were I to have the cash I would certainly be a regular, but I think what I love about Belgian design is the way it always seems to span age demographics and body types. Not in the cliche way we tend to refer to collections as doing, but in a way that sees that point as totally irreverant. Like, "Of course, why would clothes be specified into age groups?"
Opened in October, I encourage you visit and support the two sisters' labor of love.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I went to A.P.C. and did not buy this dress

When I saw the A.P.C. s/s 08 look book I was psyched. Especially for the little sailor numer pictured above. So I thought I would give the sample sale a whirl yesterday- although I love the A.P.C. girl, for some reason she is not me and doesn't translate well on me. I almost gave in to a fur coat (!) that was a steal at $379.00 marked down from 1,300 (not really a consideration but it would have been a nice investment piece)
But I left the sale empty handed. All the little billyburg hipster girls around me looked so cute in the clothes and maybe I was just having an ugly day (rain does terrible things for my mood, hair and skin).
Nothing looked good. Everything looked the same. But it was a great sale so if you are a fan GO!
As for me, I'll perhaps save that cash to buy this little dress which I am sure I had a minature version of in 1984.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Empty Handed am I

Post Steven Alan, I am without any new options for tomorrow's ensemble but thankful I hit it up anyway. No I didn't get up early. But after work, me and my new sample sale partner in crime hit the scene. Not too long of a wait. Maybe about 15 minutes on line. Steven Alan stood at the front for a while! Such a celebrity sighting for me.
Let it go on record that I didn't see a single Isabel Marant piece, maybe they were swiped at the preview yesterday. Regardless, the selection was quite decent. The real gems were the Gryson bags (priced between $50 and $150), the men's cardis and the dresses. Many dresses were priced upwards of $150 but there were $50 and $60 pieces to be found that were not in bad shape. To be honest, the coat/bag check was the best part. I am convinced all the most inspiring fashionistas in the city were at this sale and those bags and jackets reflected it. Although all those beautiful people kind of enhanced my "blah" day. Either way, I will revisist at the end of the sale and see if I can score something a bit more reduced.
I want one of these dresses.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


5/15–5/18 Gryson, Loomstate, and the house label are up to 75 percent off at Steven Alan. A Demylee cashmere cardigan is now $91. 103 Franklin St., nr. Church St. (212-219-3305); 5/15 and 5/16 (8:30–8); 5/17 (noon–7); 5/18 (noon–5)

p.s. I am already yawning. This is not a good sign.

Isabel Marant

Ahhh sample sale season (spring has nothing on the december sales but i'll make due). So tomorrow I will be rising an hour early, well so I suspect tonight, although if I go out of control with the snooze button it is not meant to be. Steven Alan's sample sale starts at 8:30 (!). Mon Dieu! I mean this is for sure just an evil plot to laugh at us all and pronounce us all major suckas but for the chance of scoring some Isabel Marant, I may just give up those precious moments of shut eye and high tail it to Franklin Street.
The results TBA here.
But let's talk about Ms. Marant for a moment. Clearly my obsession with French style is evidenced here...
And she really embodies the spirit of cool parisian girl living la vida boho. The Marant girl is effortless, her clothes are not swiped off the racks at sample sales, they are left overs from past lovers that left their jackets or sweaters behind to greet a sunny morning of mimosas and cigarettes at a cafe in Le'Marais. And maybe a few pieces from her very poetic father who in his youth was quite a casanova and wore everything extra small, thus fitting her slight frame perfectly.
And then there are the dresses she picked up in Morocco- where she arrived in only a beat up pair of jeans and tank. Desperately in need of some dresses, she hit the markets and unearthed the following.
I mean, really people, who wouldn't want to be her?
And tomorrow morning I am one step closer. Note to self when I can't remember my name as my alarm beeps incessantly...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ashley Watson Recycled Leather Goods

Of the many lines I discovered at Kaight, Ashley Watson's designs were definitely one of my favorites. At less than $500 a bag, the price point for a super stylish and discreetly labeled bag is quite impressive. The one pictured above was retailing for only $325. The designer is a Vancouver resident, a graduate of fine arts from Nova Scotia School of Art and Design (studio artists turned designers always seem to produce wonderful "not too trendy" pieces). She uses all recycled materials in her designs, so this bag was actually made from old leather jackets. Each piece is one of a kind, due to the nuances of the materials used. She incorporates all interesting elements from these old jackets into her designs- creating super cool patchworked effects with occasional button detailing from the original jacket. But thankfully there is no "hippie loves the earth vibe" (which is fine, but not so much for a $300 handbag if you ask me). The designs are sophisticated, classic and inevitably evoke thoughts of the perfect vintage find.
She also has wallets, belts and these amazing day planners: a wonderful gift idea that I am keeping in my back pocket for the next time I need a little gifting inspiration. Such a gorgeous color blue!
Available at Kaight and many more NYC boutiques. Check it.

i miss you

sorry consumers but my internet shut down for whole weekend and i was left cursing at a malfunctioning red light on my time warner box. SOOOO efffed up!!!
being the dutiful employee i am i didn't sneak posts during work breaks. but i really was experiencing withdrawal symptoms not unlike a long caffeine separation. Headaches, nausea, dizzy ( I even fell down the stairs at work- not kidding).
wish i had more for you than just a little handbag review but i am tapped. just another 14 hour long workday (ok major problem with that line seeing as i abhor people that always talk about how many hours they work)...
I'm not complaining- just explaining myself to you.
will be back full force tomorrow night.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

KAIGHT on Orchard

So keeping with the LES heavy theme- this weekend I rummaged through the offerings of the amazing new crop of boutiques that have popped up on Orchard St between Grand and Broome. I came across this very unassuming store front: a haven for all stylish eco-labels called Kaight. Toms Shoes are given an entire table in the center of the room (for each pair of shoes bought, a pair is sent to someone need). Mixed on the table is the best selection of organic lingerie I have seen and some really steller belts fashioned out of recycled materials. The racks are filled with all the labels making waves in the eco-fashion world: Mocium, Serfontaine, Panda Snack (best name for a line of bamboo basics EVER), Fortes (written about here a while back) and several others. Lulu Frost jewelry is appropriatly merchandised throughout and adorns the cashier table.
I loved discovering this store for several reasons, but most importantly because it introduced me to lines I had never even heard murmurings of. Put aside their global mission, all items are priced at the same point as one would find similarly "not-so-friendly" fashions. This is the best part, no? The merchandise is totally on par with anything you would find at any other amazing LES boutique of indie designers and not atrociously priced.
Ladies on the floor were super cool, laid back...
It should be on your must-visit list. At least for it's educational value. There are really amazing things happening with environmental indies, it makes you think very soon many more could be applying their principles.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm taking a break but that doesn't mean you have to

5/5–5/16 This season’s Showroom Seven sale won’t be in the cramped sample closet. The old Tunnel building has been rented out to unload its stock of Erickson Beamon, Orla Kiely, and A&G cashmere; an Issa London long silk jersey dress is now $308. 269 Eleventh Ave., nr. 27th St. (212-643-4810); 5/5–5/16 (10–7).

5/7–5/9 Juliana Cairone is taking 20 percent off Azzedine Alaïa, Hervé Léger, and Christian Dior at Rare Vintage. 24 W. 57th St., nr. Fifth Ave., Ste. 501 (212-581-7273); 5/7–5/9 (11:30–6).

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Counting the Days y'all

So usually in October I start to feel my SADD rearing it's ugly head- especially on that nasty day after turning the clock back and suddenly it's 4:30, you're still at the office and the sun has set. BUT there is one thing that makes this October a bad a** contender for best-month-ever. Topshop arrives in NY on October 10. Broadway is already at work on the space. There's a big orange boarded up area marking it's territory and I really can not wait. No more late nights shopping online only to see that the dollar conversion brings my bank account into the red. Add to cart. Add to cart. Add to cart. Quit Safari. Such is my current life. A little bedtime story before I turn off my light.
I can't wait. I really can't.
This jacket is one of the many reasons why.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Am I the only one who finds it very difficult to rationalize expensive shirts? Somehow I find it much easier to shell the dough for dresses or pants or even skirts but shirts remain in that ambiguous in-between entity of not quite worth the splurge (don't get me started on accessories) but also a necessity in creating the perfect ensemble. They seem to be the greatest source of frustration in my wardrobe. I am hunting right now for the perfect shirt...errr...shirtS and I LOVE this acne beauty (available at
Seeing as we all need a way to spruce up the ever popular american apparel lame legging (or just I need the sprucing) this looks like a good idea. Long, denim and cute-ish. A good middle ground that can get behind a tired pair of skinnies but also re-vamp a great high waisted piece.
This is love.
Although I still remain aghast at the price and won't be purchasing.

Monday, May 5, 2008

No I didn't go Out

Tonight and most of the week I ate in (which is often times the way I describe grabbing a slice and/or diners, etc). I basically apply this to any meal not worthy of a description on daily diet. And tonight I REALLY did stay in. I cooked. Well cooked being a relative term. I cooked as much as my abilities realistically allowed me to. I made one of my specialties- sweet potatoes. I LOVE sweet potatoes but particularly love them when I make them. I kind of hate the standard roasted s.p. In my house, here's how it is done:

Boil one large s.p.
Remove from heat when a fork stil maintains some resistance when slicing through the thickest part of the body
Mash with fork
Add Agave
Add Olive Oil
Add course sea salt
Add cinnamin

Yes it is that simple. And seriously delicious. I make it whenever I am broke or pressed for time. It's so satisfying especially in the winter when it's cold and you want hearty love but no BF around. I'm telling you. S.P. delivers.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Night Fashion Toast

OK so I know I missed my store review and seeing as today is sunday and i am clearly a blogging slacker as of late, I am stretching the definition of store review and designer profile, wrapping them into one package and bringing you one of my favorite websites that happens to also run an ebay store. And since the pieces she sells are all vintage and her blog is devoted entirely to her stylistic sensibilities and her knack for mixing up the high and low, you could call her my "stylist" spotlight for the evening. Anyway, the site is:
It's so fun to peruse all her looks and instills quite the envy in me. And her name being Rumi is a wonderful irony, or maybe just appropriate. So the envy is somewhat assuaged by the fact that she runs an ebay store called "The Treasure Chest" where her amazing vintage finds are available for you. It's a truly fantastic idea the way she is putting her styling genius, gorgeous looks and passion for vintage into one accessible package. I tell you consumers, you'll have competition with me at ebay.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

SATC..and a studded belt

I saw the sex and the city movie. tee-hee. I feel like one of those kids that has a secret and can't tell but keeps engaging you to FORCE you to ask questions. Anyway, being pretty familiar with my readership, I know you all are not really the kind to be knocking down the doors aching to hear the latest plot twist. Like me you are much more interested in what they were wearing and since that information has all reached the public via movie stills, my lips will remain sealed about what happens (and if you really care, contact me directly so I can torture you a little...:) )
What struck me the most, wardrobe wise, was this effing studded belt. A stunner, yes and perfect for SJP's teeny tiny waist (ok whoever was the hairbrained man that nominated her as most unsexy woman in america was clearly just projecting his irritation of the sound of her voice while his girlfriend revisited re-runs on TBS)
BUT, that belt, I kid you not, was worn by Carrie in about 60% of her outfits. The rate is alarmingly high considering I rarely even remember seeing her carry the same bag twice in the series. And it honestly distracted me. I was thinking "Good God, Pat, what is the story????!!!" Let's say also that knowing who designed the belt and for what reason it made the cut in more than half of her wardrobe changes was a more interesting "plot point" than what actually ocurred onscreen (oooooo...burn.) I mean yes, I can understand that perhaps this was just a way to make Carrie a "normal" ny'er who does have favorite wardrobe staples which is likely the reason but none the less, I like to think there's a great story or visual significance. Corney but come on it is SATC!
But they looked great. Really all the ladies look amazing. My one grievance was her Vivienne Westwood wedding dress which I thought did nothing for her- being that the dress has this really angular and architectural top, it exagerrates SJP's lovely angular features in a not so flattering way.
I am sure that black belt will be featured in numerous "where can i finds" but if someone doesn't get in touch with the costume dept. with questions I think I may just die of curiosity! Ironic huh? Seeing as I've seen the film.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

For Your Case of the Wants: Straight From

Labels: Missoni, Cynthia Steffe
Deal: 80% off womenswear
When/Where: Thursday, May 1st through Monday, May 12th. Daily noon—7pm. 440 Broadway between Canal and Grand Sts (no phone)

SOHO—Uniqlo is having another go at a sample sale. It will run Friday, May 2nd through May 11th and items all over the store will be discounted (but the deep markdowns are to be found in the basement). They are promising $20 cashmere and merino sweaters for men and women; let's hope they deliver this time. [RackedWire]