Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blogging for Moi

I'm going to try to start back up with the diet for really no other reason than I am aching to spit out self-indulgent musings and while the past few months were impossible as far as the "work-life balance" is concerned, I'm challenging myself in the discipline of time management to get myself back in the blogosphere.

I've missed you.

For starters, while I wanted to share the fact that there seemed to be something oddly inappropriate about the decision of kate moss to wear a shirt as a dress (or what likely should have been a shirt but the god's of high fashion deemed far too fabulous to share the spotlight) to Beth Ditto's plus size clothing line launch party at Sketch in London, I became nervous about the implications of such a critique.

Am I being completely nuts (hyper critical) and maybe even somewhere in here, toeing the "offensive" line by presuming that it's wrong to flaunt a skinny skinny skinny body at a plus size clothing launch? Let's leave the final verdict at ironic. Very.

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AND the photo set is called 'large and in charge' on

welcome back LOVE