Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Morning

Hijoles Dieters! Goodness...
Last night was a furious release of a long week, complete with delicious, greasy food, wine, beer, and even late night cupcakes (red velvet from Billy's to be exact).

You can likely imagine the physical sensation I have in my head right now, pre-advil kick-in. I love seeing your comments below! What a lovely return. Gleeful blushing ensues...

Today I am on a mission to stock the closet with a couple of key "work-appropriate" pieces. A chore indeed. Being me, I am twisting the definition of this attire, but realized with dismay this week that try as I might to make my current wardrobe work, I'm the black sheep. Not a bad thing, but a gray sheep feels more desirable so early in my tenure.

I'll let you know what I find.

Above you see latte goodness. At my house, I've been starting my mornings with the following "New Year: New Intention for Wellness" (whether or not this intention is put into practice...)

Hence, coffee will never be deleted from the diet, but I make my latte with some Cafe Bustelo (budget friendly and eerily similar to the coffee they served at my language school in BCN), warm almond milk and agave.

The flavor is so strange and lush. Almost smokey, toasted, but still sweet and creamy. Good morning.

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